Paisley and District
Christian Youth
Camp 2017


Prayer Letter

We are indebted to you for your prayerful support for us as we venture forward for another camp, this year to Whithaugh Park in the Scottish Borders, between Monday 3rd and Friday 7th July 2017.

The words of Luke lv37 have been so relevant to us - "For nothing is impossible with God". This year our numbers are down as the folks in Johnstone wanted to try something new and therefore couldn 't commit to both a GLO team and a week at Camp. The remaining members of the committee prayed andfelt that Camp was not finished and God still had a work to do. We are blessed to take 19 children away this year, with ten coming for the very first time. We hope that the following will help you in your prayers as you remember us through the week.

Before Camp Starts

That the hearts of all coming to camp would be prepared to hear God's word during the services; that Iain Cunningham, as padre, would be conscious of God's guidance as he prepares his talks and that the gospel message would be heard and understood. Please pray for the weather - as better weather helps in our programme running smoothly. Pray also for Isobel who is doing our cooking this year.


That there would be no last minute hitches with the travel arrangements and for a safe journey. Pray that the campers would settle into their new environment. For first time campers, first chats on bus and relationship building. Our first service - that God would begin his work early on.


First day of activities organised by the trainers, an opportunity to try new things, Pray that everyone would be safe. Pray for the message of the gospel to be taking effect. Pray that the children would see the Lord Jesus that we know and desire to have Him in their own life.


Another busy day of exciting things to do. Pray for the evening activity that everyone would have good fun. Pray for the challenge of the gospel and spiritual strength for Iain.


Pray for much needed grace, wisdom and patience for the leaders. Pray that God's word would be effective and lives would be won for the Lord, also for those who might be considering baptism that they would have courage to talk it through with someone.


Final talk by Iain. Pray that we take every opportunity to speak to individuals regarding their faith. Pray for safety as we travel home, stopping off at Moffat for the afternoon and for final chats.

Follow Up

For all who have made a commitment to Christ that they may grow as Christians and be helped in their new life with Jesus through the churches. Pray also for those who have listened but haven't made that step of faith - that they would continue to think about it.

This year we thought it would be good to give you the names of each child and also the leaders coming to camp so you can pray specif ically for each individual.

Beth, Esther, Ruth, Demi, Shannon, Eilidh A, Connie, Eilidh M, Abbie, Mia, Luci, Arlene, Margaret, Rianna, Jazmine, Leah, Courtney, Georgia, Jorja.


Lindsay, Eunice, Hannah, Naomi, Iain, Stephen, Linda, Isobel