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Emmaus Price List 2013
Course TitleCost
Prices include the initial posting of the course to students.
A Home Within the Wilderness3.50
Basic Bible Doctrines4.50
Bible What's in it for You? (The)3.00
Bible Prophecy4.00
The Bible Tells Me So3.00
Biblical Eldership3.50
Biblical Stewardship5.50
Born to Win3.00
Christ Loved the Church4.00
Chronicles 1 & 24.00
Corinthians 15.00
Corinthians 24.50
Daniel the Prophet -4.50
Desert Journey (Numbers-Deut)3.00
Ezra & Nehemiah3.00
Ezra,Neh, Esther (Scholar,Gov,Queen)3.50
From Jerusalem to Babylon Kings4.00
Gideon: Mighty Man of Valor4.00
God is There3.00
God Who Speaks to Man (The)1.50
God's Blueprint for Your Marriage5.00
God's Word is Truth3.50
Gospel of John (The)4.50
Greatest Man Alive (The)3.00
Guide to Christian Growth3.50
Holy Spirit at Work (The)3.50
How to Succeed on the Streets2.50
I'll Take the High Road4.00
In the Beginning4.00
Isaiah: The Prophet Vol 14.00
Isaiah: The Prophet Vol 23.50
Isaiah (Mary King)3.00
Jerusalem's Gates5.50
Job Had a Problem2.50
John the Baptist: Prophet of the Highest4.50
(John) Word of God (The)3.00
Letters of John (The)3.50
Jonah - God of Second Chance4.50
Joseph: A Life of Virtue4.50
Joshua: The Conquest of Canaan4.50
Journey Through the Bible (A)4.00
King David (1 & 2 Samuel)3.00
Kingdom Divided (Kings-Esther)3.00
Lessons for Christian Living3.00
Life and Prophecies of Daniel (The)4.50
Lord's Supper & Baptism(The)4.00
Lover and Preacher (Song of S, Eccl)2.50
(Luke) Saviour of the World3.00
(Mark) Servant of God (The)2.50
(Matthew) Coming King (The)3.50
Men Who Met Jesus2.00
Men Who Met the Master2.50
Messianic Psalms4.00
Minor Prophets (The)5.50
My God and I; Selected Psalms4.50
Names of God5.00
Never Turn Back (Hebrews)2.00
New Testament Survey4.50
Now Hear Peter2.50
Old Testament:Law & History4.50
Old Testament: Poetry/Prophecy4.50
One God, One Way2.50
Perfect Person . Perfect Work4.00
Peter 14.00
Peter 2 and Jude4.00
Philippians, Colossians and Philemon4.50
Proverbs for Life4.00
Proverbs: The Kings Wisdom3.00
Ready to Give an Answer5.00
Searching the Scriptures1.50
Securely Saved and Sure of It4.50
Sense and Nonsense About Prayer4.00
Songs of Israel (Psalms)3.00
Start of the Race (Genesis)3.50
Study to Show Yourself Approved5.50
Summary of the Bible4.50
Three Marys ( T h e )4.50
Timothy and Titus4.50
Travelling Through Time with God4.00
Twelve Prophets (The)6.50
Walking the Walk 
Way Out & Way In (Exodus-Leviticus)3.00
What the Bible Teaches3.00
Who is the Greatest Man Alive2.00
Win the Battle for Your Mind5.50
Winning & Losing (Joshua/Judges/Ruth)3.00
Winning Souls the Bible Way4.00
Woman Who Pleases God (The)4.00
Women of the Old Testament3.50
You Can Live Forever1.50