Ian and Marilyn Campbell - August 2015

PO Box 10061

Well, we hit the ground running, when we got back to Chingola, at the beginning of March! The staff at the Bible Centre did a really good job in our absence, but there was still a list of things waiting for us to deal with, catch up on, and take up again! Within a week, we felt like we had never been away!! Having said that, it is SOOOO good to be back 'home', and back to the work we love.... back to 'real life'!

We do find it hard to write copy letters, as our news seems to be much the same as before .... still working at the Bible Centre, visiting the prisons, doing market evangelism etc. etc. That doesn't mean to say our work is boring ... just the opposite! The Lord is still working, and it is always a thrill to see Him changing lives. Just on our last visit to Ndola, a prisoner said he was so thankful he ended up in prison, because that's where he met, and trusted, the Lord! Another one, from Zimbabwe, is soon to be released, and is going back a saved, and changed, person! We will put him in touch with Deryck Jones there, who lives in the same city. The big test comes when these prisoners go back into their old communities ... they are so young in their faith, and vulnerable to false teaching, as well as all the old temptations and pressures. Please pray for them. Our Lord knows them by name!

When we returned from the UK, we found that quite a few more of our Emmaus student prisoners had been sentenced, and transferred to the Maximum Security Prison, in Kabwe ... some on life sentences. They are keen to continue with the courses, but, although we send them by mail, there is always a problem with getting them back to us for marking. Kabwe is about 4-5 hours' car journey from Chingola, so visiting them would mean staying overnight somewhere (night driving is not recommended here!) We have been to see the Commissioner of Prisons for Zambia, along with the Chaplain General, so are now awaiting their official approval for us to start visiting regularly. We realise this would probably significantly increase the workload for marking, at the Centre, but we are excited about meeting up with some of our old students again, as well as those who have been recently transferred. Please, please pray that permission will be granted ... but, only if the Lord wills.

The youth group (14 years +), on a Saturday afternoon, is growing weekly ... 54 there last week!! And, we had nearly 50 at the Singles Fellowship (18 years +) two Sunday's ago!! What an amazing privilege! There is just so much potential for the Lord here, but it brings huge responsibilities as well. Talking of young people, we have just had Jonny and Sarah out with us for a month ... two young people from Scotland, whose PARENTS were in the youth group, there in Paisley, when we were youth leaders... before we came out to Africa!! Does that make us feel old??!! They have been a great help in the Centre, at Amano School, at Ipusukilo etc, and we have appreciated their willingness to work hard, at whatever has been asked of them .... in spite of their original aversion to bugs etc!! We just pray that God has done an amazing work in their lives too, while they have been here.

On the personal front, thank you all for your prayers for my eye problem. The left eye is still blurry, especially at distance, but I am just so thankful not to be looking through a dark grey circle, with everything inside it moving about! We are still hoping and praying for further improvement, and once all has stabilised, I'll get glasses to suit. God's faithfulness and provision over the past year, has been amazing... Ian and I have both felt very blessed and spoiled! Please continue to pray for Ian's feet/ankles. He has had some pain in them this past week... if it affects his driving, it must be sore!!! Apart from that, we are very thankful for our general good health, and for the energy God gives us each day. We serve the Great Physician!

Thank you for all your support and prayers

PS. Permission granted to visit Kabwe prison. Praise the Lord.

Ian and Marilyn Campbell

Sent out by Mrs. M. Campbell, 6, North Cres. Rd Ardrossan KA22 8LY