Ian and Marilyn Campbell - July 2014

PO Box 10061

Since last writing, we have SO much to thank God for .... so many opportunities to share His Word, and so many opportunities to serve His people! Does that sound familiar? It is ... because we still love the work we are doing for the Lord, and the opportunities keep coming!! We keep trying to 'cut down', but....!! In the last couple of months, I have been asked to do a weekly 'follow up' with one of our young ladies who got saved, teach a once-a-week (for 6-10 weeks), Bible study course on 'becoming a woman of faith' to expat ladies, draw up plans for Amano School, and, and, and ...! Ian keeps saying I/we need to say 'No', but how do you, when amazing opportunities hit you in the face?? He finds it just as hard, and has added to his own regular workload by offering to pick up and bring the Ipusukilo teenagers to Youth Fellowship every Saturday, and help to get them all to Sunday School at Bethel, on Sunday mornings. That has also meant him now helping with the music at Sunday School, so ! I keep reminding him of pots, and kettles, and black, and stones and glass houses, and ....! After his comments on another busy week for me, he got his come-uppance last week, when his own plans came awry with 2 days of 'extra1 requests, which he couldn't say 'no' to!! Yes, we are tired ... but who isn't? We still have our sense of humour, and God is giving us that extra energy we ask Him for each morning. More than that, He is giving us a real JOY in what we are doing, and encouraging us with the JOY that others are experiencing, too.

The Ipusukilo kids are LOVING the added contact with other Christian young people, and hearing more of God's Word ... that can't be bad! Phil and Debbie Cole do such an amazing work with them ... it's great for lan to be able to help in a little way. The young girl that I've been following up, is really growing in her faith, as God's Word speaks to her... just waiting for her to ask for baptism, but she is already standing up for what is right, amongst her friends! The new ladies group started off for 'Christians', but now includes a real mixture, and huge opportunities to present Christ, as well as God's design for us, as women. Last Thursday, one of the ladies (who had claimed to be a Christian, though living with her boyfriend until they get married later this year!), blurted out, "You keep talking about 'Christian' and 'non-Christian', 'believer' and 'un-believer'... what exactly do you mean?" Wow! What an opportunity ... and that is just one of many!! The discussions have been amazing, and some of these ladies are discovering that the Bible has way better teaching than the world has! Maybe our Creator does know what is best for us, after all!! Praise God for all these new opportunities He sends our way. Now, if He would just give us 48 hours in the day, we would truly be happy!

Our 'usual' activities still bring us a lot of joy, as well. The work at, and from, the Bible Centre, continues to go well, though, with the economic situation here, money is tight, and we have noticed a slight reduction in the sale of books and Bibles ... understandably. Having said that, it's still a hard task to keep up with demand. We are desperately awaiting our latest order from Opal Trust, while still buying what we can locally, from the Bible Society, and anywhere else we can. The Emmaus work, prison work, and market work, still bring a lot of encouragement, and the team are working well together. Mind you, sometimes we feel like we're running a maternity home! Given, the manageress, just came back from maternity leave at the end of March; Norma, the second in command, is due to have her first baby in about 4 weeks' time; and Lucia is around 3 months' pregnant!! Still, we are thankful for their honesty, and commitment when they are at work, so can't complain! The youth work is especially challenging, and encouraging. It was amazing to see our youth group (14+ age group) go out in the streets, witnessing and giving out tracts, one Saturday afternoon. We are planning the same programme for our 18+ age group next month ... it will be interesting to see who are the braver!!

On the home front, we are enjoying all the visitors God sends us ... from other places in Zambia, as well as from overseas. Each one has been an encouragement, and we feel very blessed to have them ... amazing fellowship!! Please continue to pray for Gemma, in N.Ireland. She is enjoying her new job, but we long to see her giving the Lord first place in her life. Chuck and Nina are enjoying the new Bible Study they are going to, in Kitwe, but we are still praying for someone to follow Chuck up, on a one-to-one basis. Please pray with us. Our three grandchildren give us a lot of joy ... and we are very thankful to have them so close to us. In some ways, they keep us young, and in other ways they show us our age!!! Still, aren't we blessed?!

For those of you who receive this copy letter purely as a prayer/news letter (i.e. no personal message added on), we do want to say a big THANKYOU for all your love, interest, support, and especially your prayers. We are fully aware that we are only a part of a team, and that we are sustained and enabled to do the work out here, only because God is answering your prayers for us, and for our Zambian people. We do pray for you dear folk in the UK especially, where it is getting harder and harder to witness for Him. As we have said before, you now actually have the harder job, standing up for the Lord, and His standards there. May you know His strength, and peace, as you serve Him, in whatever way you can. Our God is still on the throne!!

Yours, in our precious, precious Lord,

Ian and Marilyn Campbell