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14th July 2011

Dear Friends,

We've been back in Villefranche for almost a week now, after a few weeks in the United Kingdom (mostly Scotland, with a couple of days in North Wales and one in Kent). Our sincere thanks to all who spent time with us, welcomed us into their homes and their churches, making our visit so enjoyable and worthwhile. Fellowship with many Christians, the opportunity to visit a number of churches, sometimes sharing news of our work in France, seeing how the Lord is at work in Great Britain... all that gave us real joy and a sense of the privilege as well as the responsibility of being called to serve our loving God. Our last Sunday evening in Scotland was a very fitting conclusion, as the speaker reminded us that the Lord we serve has been given “all power in heaven and on earth”.

The next few weeks will be largely taken up with getting ready to leave Villefranche, and in August we'll go and see to some work that needs doing in the flat in Le Havre before we move in September. Our first weekend back in Villefranche was very encouraging, with evidence of gifts and commitment continuing to develop in the assembly. Keep on praying for the Christians here in their witness and service for the Lord.

You may remember us mentioning the new flats being built near the hall in Villefranche. We asked you to pray that some Christians might move to the area. Since we got back here we've heard of three Christians - a couple and a single woman - planning to move later this month into a block of flats nearing completion just a few hundred yards away! We don't know if they will worship regularly with the fellowship here, but even if they don't, it's good to know that there will more Christians living in the district.

Le Havre is almost 400 miles from Villefranche, so our move will obviously make it more difficult for us to spend time with Stephen's family, and we're looking forward to having his two older children staying with us for a few days next week. We will be nearer Rachel and her family in Lille, but even that will be a 3 hour drive. They are at present taking part in an evangelistic youth camp in the Vosges area of eastern France, before going on holiday and then preparing for the new university year. They have been encouraged in their witness among students over the past year, and look forward to the next one. Jonathan has completed his training as a medical and research laboratory technician, and is now looking for work. He'd like to stay in or near Lille, but is not confining his job applications to that area.

Yours in the Lord's service,

Allan and Anne Kitt