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2 May 2012

Dear Friends,

“Text me when there are 20 of you on a Sunday morning.” A friend from the church in Villefranche said this to us before we left last September. We know that good numbers aren't everything, but it's been a real joy to see the hall in Le Havre better filled recently. And we were able to send our friend the message a few weeks ago!

After seven months in LH, we have several reasons for thanksgiving. One is a good commitment to the weekly prayer and Bible study meeting. Another is the help received from Chistians elsewhere, from Britain and France. A young couple from the Paris area has encouraged the local folk by coming a few times to spend a Sunday here. Other visiting families, and preachers, are appreciated too! Some Christians from the north of France hope to come and help us this summer.

We're also glad that an Asian sister, who struggles with French, has become much more enthusuastic about reading the Bible since Anne gave her a simpler translation than the one she was used to. Please pray that her enthusiasm will be contagious in her neighbourhood!

A family with four adolescents has recently been attending regularly, and we now hope to begin a Youth Fellowship. There are 14 teenagers or young adults whose parents are Christians in fellowship here; some of them come cheerfully with their parents, some a bit less willingly, others not at all! Please pray that all of these young people will develop a real love for the Lord and a desire to serve him.

There are several subjects for which we'd appreciate your prayers. Firstly, for contacts in the immediate neighbourhood of the church. Most people round here live in blocks of flats: it's not so easy to get to know them as when you can chat over a garden fence!

We were very interested to find out that a teacher in the local primary school, just a few hundred yards away, is a young woman who spent 6 months studying in England with our daughter several years ago ? and went to church with her twice on Sundays!! Please pray that she will think again about all she heard then, and turn to the Lord.

Please pray, too, for other people we're getting to know. Allan meets people in a local choir, and Anne in English conversations at a city-centre venue. The first time she went, a young man said that he liked English Christmas carols; of course, an English carol service had already been in our minds . . .

Last week, Allan completed the proof-reading for next year's devotional calendar. Please pray that the evangelistic and devotional calendars will both have an impact on readers' lives.

Thank you for praying for our family. Allan's Mum has settled in well to a nursing home near his brother's home in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. She has made a good recovery from a hip operation after a fall. When he went to Newcastle last month, a bonus for Allan was meeting Christians near where his mother now lives.

Anne's Mum is well, and is at the moment enjoying a visit to Anne's sister in California. We praise God for her good health!

Since moving to LH, we don't see much of our son Stephen's family near Lyon, but are discovering the joys of the webcam! Rachel and her husband and two children are due to move to Besançon this summer, to take part in the student work there. At the moment, they're only 3 hours' drive away from here; afterwards it will be about twice as far!

Jonathan is enjoying his work in Lille, but his contract finishes in July. Please pray that he'll find more permanent work.

We trust that you will be encouraged as you serve the Lord in your own spheres.

With our sincere Christian greetings,

Allan and Anne