Allan and Anne Kitt - LH latest, April 2019

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April 2019

Allan and Anne Kitt

Dear Friends,

It's over six months now since we moved from Le Havre to the area of Moulins, in the centre of France. The assembly in Moulins has made us very welcome, and we're finding various ways of continuing to serve the Lord through the local church. The assembly is bigger than the one in Le Havre, and just as diverse: brothers and sisters from different parts of the world meeting to worship and serve the Lord together. Allan no longer has responsibility as an elder, but preaches regularly. New, purpose-built premises were opened a few years ago and have been a real plus to the assembly's life and witness. The building is very well situated, on a busy road leading towards the town centre. The Lord has blessed the assembly in its new position, and more people have been showing interest in the gospel since the hall was opened.

The town of Moulins is situated in a very rural area, and Christians come to the assembly from up to 25 miles round about.To encourage fellowship and witness where Christians live, three home groups meet during the week.

Allan is able to continue working as editor of the French assemblies' gospel calendar. The 2020 edition has been completed: 366 Bible passages and their accompanying commentaries written for non-Christian readers by about 40 authors. 25,000 copies of the paper edition should be ready by the middle of June for bookshops, churches and individual Christians to order. The calendar has to be ready well in advance, as retailers and bookshops place their orders before the summer break. The calendar is also freely available on Internet, to be read and/or listened to. Please pray that the Lord will use the calendars to make the gospel known.

Our brothers and sisters in Le Havre regularly keep in touch. They're pleased to see more people attending services. We probably mentioned in previous letters how much we were encouraged by the arrival of a young couple in the assembly a few years ago. They moved to Le Havre deliberately to help in the life and witness of the assembly. The young wife was diagnosed with cancer soon after their arrival, and she died in December last year. A severe loss to her husband, to both of their families and to the church. The couple were convinced that the Lord's will was for them to move to Le Havre, and the young widower intends to stay as long as he has work there. We praise God for his commitment, and commend him and the assembly to your prayers. He is one of the two elders appointed before we left Le Havre.

Our family in France are all well. We live much nearer them now, which we count a real blessing. Even so, since they're all busy during the week and also committed to their local churches, we don't see them all that often. But we're so glad not to have as long a drive as we did from Le Havre! Jonathan and Priscille had their first child, Abigaëlle, in January. She has a hip problem, and may soon need to spend some weeks in hospital. Please pray for her and her parents.

Yours in the Lord's service,

Allan and Anne Kitt