Allan and Anne Kitt - LH latest, August 2016

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76600 Le Havre


August 2016

Allan and Anne Kitt

Dear Friends,

August is generally a quiet month in French cities. It's much easier to park in the city centre than usual, and quite a few shops close for 2 or 3 weeks. We know of several churches in other cities that cancel services for one or two Sundays, but we're able to keep going, even though numbers are down from the usual. The other two leading brethren and their families are at the Christian camp site at St Lunaire, in Brittany, for the 2 week long family camp. A mixture of holiday and hard work for them, since some are working as volunteers in the kitchen.

As Anne and I took time off in May, we've stayed in LH for almost all of the summer period. There are no mid-week services this month, but we've kept in regular contact with the few new believers and seekers who come to services. We'd really appreciate prayer for a young couple who live just a few yards along the street, whom we got to know soon after they moved in over 18 months ago. They're not Christians, and came to a service for the first time six weeks ago, for a young man's baptism to which we'd invited them. The husband seemed particularly moved by the young man's testimony and by the evangelistic talk, and asked for a Bible. Bad sight makes it difficult for him to read easily, and we've encouraged him to follow links to Christian web sites where he can listen to the Bible being read. His wife phoned yesterday to invite us round for coffee. Anne's away for a few days, so we'll go and see them after she gets back. (In France, you don't just "drop in" on anybody unannounced, unless you know the person really well. It's more acceptable to make an arrangement in advance.)

Please pray too for several assembly members and others attending services who have serious health problems at the moment. For such a small church as ours, the proportion is really quite high. Pray that illness won't prevent seekers pressing on to know the truth, repent of their sin and put their faith in the Lord, and that those who do know and love Him will continue to serve Him. And may God grant healing when it's His will!

Please give our greetings to the Christians at Bethany (and of other assemblies too, as we believe you're having joint services on Sunday evenings).

Yours in the Lord's service,

Allan and Anne Kitt