Allan and Anne Kitt - LH latest, December 2017

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December 2017

Allan and Anne Kitt

Dear Friends,

2017 has been an eventful and memorable year for us; we hope it has been a good year for you too!

In our January letter we mentioned “Bouge ta France”, planned for July. We now look back on it: over a thousand young Christians for three days at the local football stadium, and a big rally on July 14th attended by about 10,000 people of all ages. There was a very positive impact on the city; local authorities and police were impressed by the young Christians' behaviour throughout the three days. It was a real encouragement for us to have this event so near. In our own church we had a full hall for an evening meeting with an African evangelist.

Since we returned to Le Havre in 2011 we've been asking for prayer for more young Christians to join us. Two young couples have arrived in the past two years. Both have had training and experience in evangelism and Christian service, and are well involved in the life of the church. We really appreciate their energy and commitment. The church still keeps us both well-occupied in various ways, but we're so glad to see other people taking on responsibility!

Allan is kept very busy with editing gospel calendars. 2019's is due at the printer's at the end of February, so although the work-load is fairly steady all year, the big rush is after Christmas. Not quite enough contributions have been sent in yet. Please pray for more to arrive in time. Pray too that the daily Bible verses and their accompanying commentaries will speak to readers' minds and hearts.

We enjoyed an extended stay in Scotland over the summer. Family from Scotland, the States and France were present to celebrate Anne's mum's 90th birthday. As we live far apart, family gatherings are rare, so it was wonderful for some of us, at least, to be able to meet up. Another “big” birthday this year will be our son Stephen's 40th this month.

We appreciated, too, the opportunity to catch up with “old” friends in Scotland. One of these friendships goes back over 50 years! Staying several weeks in Edinburgh meant that we could participate in the life of the church where we met and where we worshipped when we were students. It just so happened that they had planned a weekend's thanksgiving for the 50 years spent in their present building, inviting people from far and wide. That gave us an unexpected opportunity to chat to more “old” friends.

Another bonus was the fun of tracing some of Allan's family history : although he hails from SW England, his grandmother was born and brought up in Edinburgh, so he does have personal Scottish links!

Life was quieter than we expected when we came back to Le Havre. We had no telephone and little or no Internet connection for almost seven weeks; apparently rats repeatedly chewed through the underground fibre cables along the road from here! Allan was also less mobile than usual after breaking a knee-cap ; thankfully a simple fracture, and he's almost as good as new again.

Our family are well. The adults are all busy with work and church, the older children with school and music, plus sport for some. The children have added to the family “band” harp, trumpet, guitar and viola, and the cousins enjoy trying to play their instruments together when they meet up. The two oldest grandchildren are both at high school now. Our youngest grand-daughter, Odeya, who will be four in March, keeps everyone amused. She even came back from Scotland saying “magic” with an authentic Fife accent...

Thank you for your faithful prayers, friendship and interest. We're convinced that God answers Christians' prayers, and pray that you too will know his blessing at Christmas time and throughout 2018.

Allan and Anne Kitt