Allan and Anne Kitt - December 2019

22 rue Clara Malraux
03400 YZEURE


December 2019

Allan and Anne Kitt

Dear Friends,

It's over a year now since we moved from Le Havre to our present address and to fellowship in the church in Moulins, just a ten minute drive from our home. We've enjoyed getting to know the Christians here and being involved in various aspects of service. Allan preaches regularly in the assembly along with four other men. He also preaches occasionally in other nearby assemblies. We must add that "nearby" may not mean the same thing here as where you live: the two nearest assemblies are respectively 30 and 60 miles away, in Vichy and Clermont-Ferrand.

Anne enjoys developing the use of literature in the assembly: building up the library and encouraging Christians to read and use the books available, and to consult those Christian web sites which make faithful Bible teaching available.

Christians come to the Moulins church from quite a wide area, some travelling from up to 25 miles. To encourage fellowship and witness where people live, house groups meet in three different locations during the week. We're involved in the group serving the area within five miles of Moulins, studying the book of Ruth. Its reminder that foreigners are welcomed into God's people is very relevant to our situation: among the eleven present at the last meeting there were four or five different nationalities! And that's what the Moulins church is like: brothers and sisters from a number of European countries, North and South America, the Middle East and several African countries. All united in the desire to worship and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. May our unity and diversity bear witness to the riches of God's grace!

Please pray for these different aspects of our involvement in the assembly. Pray too for Allan as he continues to edit the French assemblies' evangelistic calendar. More contributions are still needed for the 2021 edition which must be ready for printing by the end of February. Pray that Christians and churches will be making good use of the 2020 edition, and that the Lord will be pleased to use the calendar to convict readers of their need of salvation. About 24,000 paper copies have been printed, and the calendar is also freely available on Internet.

Since we moved to this area, we've enjoyed being able to spend time with our family more easily than when we lived in Normandy. Our youngest grand-child, Abigaëlle, was born in January, and as she and her parents (Jonathan and Priscille) live only 60 miles from us we're able to help out when needed.

Our other family members are all well. We're so pleased that our three children and their families are all involved in their churches in Lyons, Besançon and Clermont-Ferrand. The grand-children are all progressing well at school and enjoying activities like music (harp, trumpet, viola, piano) and sport (cycling, gymnastics, handball). God is good!

We wish you all a very happy Christmas as we remember Jesus Christ, born as a baby in order to become our Saviour. He is King of kings and Lord of lords!

Allan and Anne Kitt