Allan and Anne Kitt - LH latest, January 2016

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January 2016

Allan and Anne Kitt

Dear Friends,

We hope that you've had an enjoyable Christmas and that 2016 has begun well for you. We take heart in knowing that the Lord's mercies are renewed every morning. How thankful we can be for his great faithfulness (Lamentations 3:23)!

Some of our 2015 highlights:-

  • a trip to Scotland in March, when we had the pleasure of sharing news with many Christians;
  • a retreat for French assembly full-time workers in October, with great teaching and company, all in beautiful countryside;
  • the pleasure of having some of our family with us for Christmas.

Another notable event was the Youth for Christ outreach in July. Since then we've been in touch with several families in our district. One mum comes regularly to services with her son; please pray for them.

Taking part in a Christian event near Paris the weekend after the November terrorist attacks was an interesting experience. Security was tighter than usual, of course, but all went well. The subject for the seminars, chosen a long time in advance, was the persecution of Christians today, a daily reality for many in the world.

In December, we held two special Christmas services: one in French with the whole fellowship, and an English carol service. Church members who felt they could cope with the language came to this, and we were delighted that several of our own friends who enjoy speaking English came too. One of our guests was impressed by the sense of commitment and faith on the part of the Christians present, and by the peaceful atmosphere that was felt. Please pray that she will come to know the Prince of peace!

A less welcome event was the fire of a van right outside our building one night last month. We were wakened by the horn blaring and by the light of the flames reaching as high as our 2nd floor! By the time the firemen arrived, the heat had damaged most of our front ground floor windows and frames and the emergency exit. We're waiting for the go-ahead from the assembly's insurance to do the repairs. This wasn't an attack against our building, by the way: it seems that someone had stolen tools from the van, then set it alight. The blaze was made worse by cans of petrol left inside the van.

Our family are well. Stephen and Héléna's daughter, Léonore, (our oldest grandchild), started high school in September. Time flies! At the other end of the scale is Odeya, Rachel and Eddy's youngest. She's nearly two, and full of fun.

Please keep praying for the church here. It's growing, but is still weak. Please pray in particular for contacts with people in the area around the church, and for ministry among children and young people.

Many thanks again for your prayers. If human resources were all we could depend on, the assembly in LH would have disappeared long ago. But our God is great, and the Lord is still building his church in our city!

With our warmest greetings to you in Christ,

Allan and Anne Kitt