Allan and Anne Kitt - LH latest, January 2017

465 rue de Verdun
76600 Le Havre


January 2017

Allan and Anne Kitt

Dear Friends,

You haven't had much news from us for the past year. That doesn't mean we don't think of you often. We know that many of you pray for us regularly, and for that we're always grateful. Grateful above all to the Lord who answers your prayers and continues to guide and bless us in so many ways.

This time last year we asked you to pray particularly for our contacts with people living near our church building. A young couple from the flats next door whom we've known for a couple of years came to a baptismal service in July. They have since kept in touch with the young man who was baptised, and they came to our Christmas service on 18th December. Please pray for them, and for other neighbours we're friendly with, particularly adults and children who occasionally come to special services.

Two women who attended the Christmas service have come back since then. We've often lamented the fact that many who respond to an invitation for a Christmas service don't come at any other time of year. So we're pleased that these women seem keen to come to services more often.

Anne has seen development in the work among women, as she leads a fortnightly meeting, alternating Bible study and crafts. One or two who come only for the crafts afternoon appreciate the kindness shown them and the atmosphere, and are willing to discuss spiritual matters. Pray they will want to know what (or rather, who!) makes Christian women different.

Looking to the future, would you pray with us and the Christians here for “Bouge ta France”? God willing, this event (11th-14th July) will attract thousands of young Christians from all over France, and beyond, to the football stadium about a mile from our hall. They will be given teaching on Christian discipleship and witness, and sent out into the city and the surrounding area to engage in evangelism. On July 14th, Bastille Day, there will be a public meeting in the stadium, when we're praying that thousands will hear the gospel. After that, teams of young Christians will be sent throughout France to help local churches in their outreach. To be involved in such a project right on our doorstep will be a unique opportunity for our own church's witness.

Our big family event in 2016 was Jonathan's marriage to Priscille, celebrated on 29th October. Priscille teaches French in two rural high schools about 60 miles south of Clermont- Ferrand. They live near Priscille's work, and Jonathan travels to work in Clermont-Ferrand. Priscille is applying for a transfer, so that Jonathan doesn't have to travel so far and so that they can be more fully involved in their church fellowship in the city.

The rest of our family are all well. A bit far from us for our liking, but we're pleased that our grandchildren are growing well. Their parents are all well involved in their local churches, while Rachel and Eddy continue to develop their ministry among students in Besançon.

Thank you again for your prayers. Unless God is at work in and through us, our service in the church in Le Havre, our witness to friends and neighbours, Allan's ministry via the devotional calendar etc., would all be fruitless. So please keep praying!

With our best wishes for 2017 to you all,

Allan and Anne Kitt