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July 2014

Allan and Anne Kitt

Dear Friends,

The baptisms were very encouraging. That morning, the heavens opened, and the young people's home's basement was flooded, but the family came to the service and mopped up afterwards. Our hall was almost full, with a good number of friends and family members of the young people who were baptised. Several of them had never set foot in an evangelical church before, let alone witnessed baptism by immersion.

There were some good conversations afterwards, both at the hall where we served refreshments, and afterwards at the family's home where the wider family all had lunch. Please continue to pray that the favourable impression people had of last Sunday's service will become a life changing one as they think about their own need of salvation.

Pray too that the three young people baptised will persevere in their Christian service, worship and witness. Two of them hope to move away for further studies. Pray that the Lord will enable them to make good friends and maintain their witness in a new environment. All three, along with their parents, will be serving in various capacities at the Saint Lunaire family camp next month. The family has kept up this commitment regularly for several years.

We're looking forward to a few weeks' break in Scotland, where we'll appreciate the use of the missionary flat in Edinburgh. We have no meetings planned, and are unlikely to be through in Paisley. But we look forward to coming to Bethany again when we're over for meetings next March. The three weeks of that trip are already just about fully booked. May the Lord bless you all in Bethany during the summer months.

Yours in Christ,

Allan and Anne Kitt