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March 2013

Allan and Anne Kitt

Dear Friends,

The last few weeks have been quite difficult in the church here. Sorry to start on a negative note, but we must ask you to pray for renewal in our fellowship. We're a small fellowship, made even smaller when Christians decide to go into hibernation. Things could be different, and we don't despair! The Sunday before last, attendance at the morning service was higher than at any time since Christmas. The service was followed by a fellowship meal, and there was a good spirit at the business meeting in the afternoon. We pray that this improvement will last. As Allan said at the business meeting, how can we expect non-Christians to show interest if Christians often stay at home? Over the next few months, we'd like to encourage the whole church to think again about what discipleship means in terms of commitment, life-style, spiritual growth, witness etc.

Our Christmas services were encouraging: thank you for praying! Several non-Christian friends came to "Carols for Christmas", and stayed around to talk over refreshments. We keep in regular contact with some of them, and pray that the words of the carols they heard and sang will challenge them. The French Christmas service was also well attended, with the hall fuller than we'd seen it for a long time. We're now looking forward to and preparing for a special service on Easter Sunday. Other future items for your prayers: evangelism with members of the Youth for Christ team expected in Le Havre from 14th -21st July, and a city centre concert planned by Christian musicians from London on 10th August.

Many of you have been praying for Rachel and Eddy after the loss of Joakim in December. In this severe trial, they have proved that the Lord is faithful. Several of their non-Christian friends have been seriously challenged by the way they've reacted. Their other children, Nathan and Sarah (5 and 3), have also been thinking about life and death in a new way, and sometimes express in drawings their feelings for the brother they've never known. Please continue to pray for them and their ministry to students in the city of Besançon.

Pray too for Jonathan, whose research lab contract has been renewed until the end of July. In May he'll sit competition exams with a view to getting a permanent contract. He's well involved in his local church in a suburb of Lille. We also enjoyed seeing Stephen and his family on a recent visit to the Lyons area.

During that visit Allan was able to hand over to the printer the completed texts for the 2014 edition of Méditations Quotidiennes, the devotional calendar he edits. Then we enjoyed spending the Sunday in Villefranche. The church there continues to grow. The leaders are finding it difficult to cope with the need for pastoral care, but after our short visit we feel quite positive about the way the church is developing.

Thank you for praying for us. Please pray too for our neighbours. Anne regularly spends time with two women, one French and one Algerian, whose homes are next to the hall. When the latter, a Moslem with whom Anne has talked more than once about faith, came to express her sympathy after Joakim's death, Anne was able to talk to her about our hope as Christians. Some of the women Anne meets at sewing and art classes are also starting to share spiritual questions with her.

We plan to spend part of May in the UK, and will be pleased to see some of you then.

Yours in Christ,

Allan and Anne Kitt