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October 2012

Dear Friends,

In our last news letter, written in May, we shared our encouragement at seeing the hall becoming better occupied. This continued over the summer. We'd expected some pretty lean weeks when people were away on holiday, but in the end visitors, including some of our own scattered family, filled the empty seats!

Things have changed since then, however: some Christians who were starting to worship with us more regularly have slipped back to their old habits. This is one of our greatest causes for sadness, knowing Christians who won't commit themselves to a local fellowship. As a result, the church is impoverished and its witness weakened. Will you pray that the Lord will convince these brothers and sisters that their way of thinking needs to change?

In August, we welcomed a team of five Christian young women from the church our son Jonathan attends, near Lille. They helped us in tract distribution in our own area of Le Havre, and in other areas where there is no evangelical witness. The only reply from that so far has been from one irate person who posted a tract back to us, along with a note asking us to stop using letter boxes as rubbish bins. The reponse to personal evangelism using a questionnaire was much more positive. It proved effective among people met on the sea front and in some of the city's parks, with some conversations lasting up to an hour! One of the team members was asked, “If God is good, why is there so much suffering ?” In her bag, she “happened” to have an evangelistic book with exactly that title, and was pleased to give it to the enquirer!

Keep on praying for contacts in the immediate neighbourhood of the church. There was a death recently in the home of our Algerian Moslem neighbour. She came to ask if we could lend her some of the church's chairs for the family gathering after the funeral, and we were pleased to help her in that way. She enjoys talking to Anne, and we pray that she will come to know the hope the gospel brings in the face of death.

Taking part in local cultural acivities helps us to make friends beyond the church circle. Anne regularly goes to meet people who want to improve their English, and comes in contact with a wide cross-section of society, from students to professional people who use English in their work. Allan has enjoyed singing with a local choir, and has recently started going walking with some of its members. Walking certainly gives more opportunity for conversation than the regular choir practice does!

With the church being so small at the moment, we try to be away as little as possible at weekends. Recent activities beyond Le Havre have included Allan giving a talk on “Why read the Bible?” at a Bible exhibition in the seaside resort of Houlgate. Last month he was asked to lead a day of training for elders on the subject of the Lord's supper. A dozen elders from seven Normandy churches were present.

Some prayer requests:

Renewal of spiritual zeal among the Christians;
Christmas outreach: service in French on 23rd December, and an English carol service at a date to be fixed;
Conversions among local people and in the families of church members;
Allan's editorial responsibility for the daily devotional calendar Méditations Quotidiennes: he is at present preparing the 2014 edition;
Rachel and Eddy's ministry among students and in their church in Besançon;
Jonathan's research lab renewed his contract until the end of the year. He still needs to find permanent work.

We're planning a visit to Scotland for missionary reports next May. The first two weeks are well booked, but we have some dates free May 12th-19th. Please let us know if you're interested.

With our sincere Christian greetings,

Allan and Anne Kitt