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October 2014

Allan and Anne Kitt

Dear Friends,

After a very enjoyable holiday in Scotland this summer, we're now happily back in harness, getting on with various aspects of our missionary service in Normandy.

Looking back over 3 years since we moved to Le Havre, we give thanks to God for progress in our local church. Not spectacular, maybe, but real. At the same time, we long for more, particularly in the area of contact with children. The church is praying for one or two more families with young children to join us. At present, two young boys come occasionally with their mother. She attends regularly, but not her husband, and the boys often prefer to stay at home with Dad.

The next age-group present is the 15-25 range. That involves one high-school student, four university students and a newly qualified nurse. Three students are from Mexico, here for this academic year, the fourth is the Korean who was with us last year and plans to spend another two years in LH. Please pray that they will feel at home among us, and continue to grow in their Christian life and witness. Our "home-grown" French students have moved away for their studies, and we pray that they too will continue to grow as Christians.

Anne started a monthly afternoon meeting for women last year. In June, seeing that the few sisters present also attend the Wednesday evening Bible study, she wondered if the women's meeting should be continued. But at the last meeting before the holidays, an African sister came for the first time. At the opening meeting of the new session, two others came. This really encouraged Anne and the others who had persevered! One of the newcomers, M, started to attend Sunday services earlier this year, invited by the Korean student who was staying with her. She's a Roman Catholic, and asks interesting questions about our evangelical faith. Please pray for her.

With several new people coming to services, the leaders felt it right to go over some basic subjects on Sunday mornings. Subjects covered so far have included the new birth, discipleship and service, and Christians' use of money. Coming up, God willing, are "Healthy relationships", "Building together in the local church", and "Building for eternity". Please pray that we'll see our own and our brothers' and sisters' lives change as we listen and respond to God's Word.

Allan's well into the preparation of the 2016 devotional calendar. It's strange to think that the texts he's now editing won't be read by the public for another 15 to 27 months! He and his fellow editors are encouraged when they occasionally hear readers testifying that the Lord spoke to them in a specific situation through a calendar text which was written anything up to two and a half years previously! Please pray that the calendar will encourage and challenge Christians, and that its companion gospel calendar will be used for the salvation of many readers. Allan always includes some evangelistic messages in the devotional calendar: pray that these will speak to people too. He knows of six readers of the calendar who attend a local Roman Catholic Bible study group: a member of the choir Allan sings with gives them all a copy!

Thank you for your interest and prayers,

Yours in Christ,

Allan and Anne Kitt