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Ray and Trixie Keilty
32 Oakfield Tower

28th May 2015

Dear Supporting Friends,

Ray and Trixie thank you in large letters

Well, the year 2014 ended the way it began! Full of ups and downs! More ups than downs though! Throughout last year, we saw miracle after miracle as we patiently waited on the Lord after each curve ball hit us unexpectedly and the festive season went very much the same way. We praise the Lord's wonderful name as we saw His mighty hand just flip them aside and prove His magnificence and wonder.

No. 32 was a "hive of activity" and we worked very hard keeping up a good pace from October to the 23rd December and are happy that we honoured you, our sponsors, with the distribution of all the wonderful gifts that we received. Hundreds of wrapped gifts went out this year and the community were very appreciative of them all. Every Church helped us to get the items in excellent time and this helped us enormously. A BIG thanks for that. We appreciate that times are tough these days financially and are so grateful for your continued support. Without you, we could not do this great work.

The Easter egg appeal went really well despite the earliness of the celebration. Trying to get the eggs in and out, but with the Lord's help every one of them was delivered in time. A BIG thanks to those Churches and individuals who help us in this great ministry. So many were blessed by you!

In August this year we shall be celebrating our 40th (Ruby) Anniversary and Trixie's 60th birthday in December. We are thankful to the Lord for keeping us fit and healthy all these years and for keeping us together in marriage and in service for Him. The most important thing that we have learned is that marriage is full of compromises and communication and we have still more to learn! We praise His Holy name!

We look forwards with anticipation and praise our Father, in advance, for what He going to do in and through us. It is so exciting what new things God can do with two wee pensioners!

Our trip to Egypt was amazing and it was so exciting to see the hand of the Lord in the small details as well as the big details. Unknown to us, it was a couple's 40th Wedding Anniversary out there and we had taken a beautiful Charles Rennie Mackintosh clock with us in a beautiful box and we gave it to them. They had been looking for an unusual clock for their living room for a year and a half! First time that we have ever taken one out and the Lord had it ear marked! You would have thought that we had given them a million pounds! We gave away a beautiful watch and pen in a beautiful wooden box to our very good Egyptian friend as well.

One Egyptian man who is a crew member on one of the boats told Trixie that he has four sisters in Cairo but now he has five! One who lives in Scotland called Trixie! Trixie has known him for a number of years and gave him T- tree to clear up a skin disorder that he had last year. She noticed that his skin was lovely and clear this year! We had a deep conversation with an Egyptian taxi driver which was very enlightening and we were able to share with him as well. We also had an amazing conversation with an Egyptian artist whose work we really like. Trixie showed him her sketch book (some Jesus examples are in it) and he was very impressed and he is talking about using some of her concepts, (by her permission), and maybe painting together next time! This opened up the way to further conversation. Praise the Lord!

The icing on the cake for Trixie was going for her 40 metre Deep Diving qualification and passing. Very uneasy for me during her training though! The highlight for me was meeting a number of my Facebook friends out there and just being able to help them in any way I could.

God Bless you all for your time, money and contribution to the Lord's work here in Motherwell and in Egypt, especially in this very inward and parochial time that we are living in, where everything is about "ME" and "MINE" and "MY"!

May the Lord richly bless you for all your giving and for all your helpful support. We always thank God for your partnership in the glorious Gospel of His Son. We need our Team behind us!

"Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we're in."
Hebrews 12:2

With love and hugs

Ray and Trixie Keilty

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