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5th August 2014

Dear Supporting friends,

This year of 2014 has been a time of extreme highs and extreme lows for us as a couple, with the middle road seemingly out of the picture. One minute we are praising the Lord with such ease for the great blessings and the next we have found ourselves struggling and asking God to give us the grace to praise Him through our grief and troubles. He has been a very real and present help during this time and so far, with His love, we have avoided pointing our finger at our Father and blaming Him. All glory to God as He has helped us TRUST Him through this "roller coaster" journey.

We had a fantastic "Easter Egg" appeal and thank all of you who contributed towards this. So many lives were touched and blessed. Thanks also for all the wee novelty eggs that enabled us to do special things with our presentations! People often ask us how we can afford to do what we do and it is a great testimony when we are able to tell them about you, our sponsors, who share the "Love of God" with us!"

We were back in Egypt in May for a week and had the most amazing time there and had a great time of witnessing for the Lord. A Church has just been planted in the area, but is underground owing to the political climate. As yet, we have not had an introduction into it, but with prayer, hope that we will get an invitation as word gets out about us. We go in as tourists for obvious reasons and have to be very careful what we say and do, even in this report.

Trixie made some lovely wee bags for the boat crew to take with us the last time and we filled them with a wee card, chocolates, practical presents - (eg. Football club pens, bottle openers and key rings; shaving mirrors; small torches; wee digital clocks and a money gift of £3 and £5 (for the Captain) and that would add considerably to his weekly income). Most of these items were held back from the Christmas Appeal and kept for the trip to Egypt, along with quite a few selective items. A lovely Christian couple paid for the two extra cases that we took, purely for the people there. We placed the two empty cases in the other two larger cases for transport home and must be the only tourists that have such little weight returning home! As you can imagine, we don't take many clothes with us and Trixie always reminds me that I get off very lightly as a husband as she never ever shops whilst there! Fortunately for me, she has never really been a shopper, but I tease her and say that it is because she hasn't got any time to do it! We distributed money gifts that you gave us wisely and the people there were so moved. With the Lord's help, we return again in October for another week and would greatly value your prayers for this new Ministry. We are very blessed to know Nagy and Nashwa who gives us all the encouragement, advice and prayers for this work. They bought Trixie a lovely silver necklace with her name in Arabic (very difficult to pronounce apparently) and she wears it with pride. There is no X in their alphabet, so it goes as a K and if you see her wearing it, it is not a funky design, but Arabic for her name!

When we return, she will be taking gift bags for the boat crew, as well as bags that her friend Peggy has made, for the men with the guard dogs (at the entrance of the hotel where they check all vehicles for bombs) . When Trixie saw how beautiful they were, she decided to abandon hers and buy some from Peggy who is making them for Cancer Research! Money from the supporters will be used to buy these. There are pictures of both below.



May the Lord richly bless you for all your giving and for all your helpful support. We always thank God for your partnership in the glorious Gospel of His Son. We need our Team behind us!

"Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we're in." Hebrews 12:2

With love and hugs

Ray & Trixie



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