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October 2015

Dear Supporting Friends,

It has been an eventful year! In May of this year, Trixie arrived home, having qualified for her 40 metres "Deep Diving" certificate.

At the beginning of June we flew over to Belfast to attend Ray's nieces wedding. They were married in a lovely Church and the Pastor gave a wonderful Bible based message on marriage. Dad Keilty was there too, at the age of 90 and even lasted the distance!

Then, a good friend of Trixie's treated her to a very early 60th birthday present that turned out to be a trip on the "Waverley" steam boat. They both thought it was better to sail along the Clyde and up to the Mull of Kintyre in June rather than in December! A fantastic day was had and she even got her photograph taken standing next to a BBC camera man and also Bill Paterson, the actor from "Law and Order UK"! She didn't even know it until she walked away and then her friend told her! However, Trixie thought that she was talking about Bill Paterson from our Church who is our very dear and special friend and was rather disappointed that it wasn't him!

In July, Trixie sat her driving theory test for the first time and passed. She is now waiting to sit her practical test as soon as she can get booked up. All credit to Alan Brady or Mr B as she now calls him since becoming her driving Instructor, for his patience and long-suffering! The end is nigh! All prayers welcome!

At the beginning of August we celebrated our 40th Ruby Anniversary. We had an "open house" and many of our friends, folks from the community and neighbours joined us on that special day and it was good to see the babies, children, young folk and adults all enjoying themselves. Diane Boyle did most of the catering and our guests tucked into all the food. She did a tremendous job and did us proud and our friends were so amazed at the quality and variety of her food. She comes highly recommended! As a couple, we had a wonderful day and thank the Lord for those who joined us on our special day. It is the Lord and our faith in Him that has kept us together through all the ups and downs and we give Him all the glory.

How good is our God? We have just returned from Egypt with so many new doors opening up to us! As we get to know our Egyptian friends, so our relationships move on to a deeper level and we are now beginning to reach the wives and children in a bigger way too. It is so exciting! Some of our dear friends have also approached us and have joined our Facebook! They are not really allowed to, but nave done so anyway and we just praise the Lord for this. They will be able to receive the Word of God on my News feed each day. What an awesome God we have!

A lovely friend gave us a beautiful watch in a presentation box and we were able to get a battery for rt and give it a wee dean too and it came up as new. We gave it to one of our dear friends, the day before we left and the next time we saw him, he was wearing it on his wrist. You would have thought that we had given him a million pounds! I can't tell you how many times he thanked us. He was so excited and happy. Very humbling!

Trixie took an interactive "Minnie Mouse" that sang "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog", plus a large remote control black spider, a "Frozen" girl's watch and a number of other children's things for the members of the boat crew families. There again, she was thanked over and over again and all through the day. How different is it from here in Britain where things are taken so much for granted and complaints are made if one doesn't have the right phone at £700 a turn, or whatever is the latest? For the record, I have never been so relieved to see "Minnie" get a new home as Trixie has played it over and over again and has even entertained and played with our Angel fish for days with it!

We were able to help so many of our Facebook friends out there on holiday. Giving them helpful information and helping them in so many practical ways. Little things, like giving them ointment for their mosquito bites which we bought from the Pharmacy, sharing our green and peppermint tea and photographing the food to show what was on the menu for the "gluten free" folk to name but a few. Also, we got an SOS in Scotland just before we left from a mother with a little boy with Autism and she was having difficulty getting him to drink anything because all he wanted was "Irn bru"! She was out of her mind with worry! So we got several bottles and she collected them from us the next day. Our miracle working Jesus is preached every day on our Facebook and throughout our day, but what speaks louder is our witness, because people want to see if we practice what we preach and really believe this amazing message of Jesus Faith.

So many stories can be told of how you, with us have blessed the lives of many people in this new ministry that is so dear to us. A troubled land and a changing one, with lots of broken hearts needing the love and forgiveness of our precious Lord Jesus Christ!

However, the time has come for the Christmas appeal and so much work has already been done for this. It is time to focus on Scotland, Motherwell. The land that has claimed our love, our hearts and our lives! There are some changes concerning the distribution, as new works have started up and we have decided to change direction in some of our giving in order to channel it into the new works leading towards the way God is showing us that He wants us to go. Time to move on from a couple of the outlets where we have witnessed for many years and move on to new pastures!

We are needing gift bags, sellotape, selection boxes. After eights, unusual wee chocolates and sweets, baby's toys for boys and girls, toys for primary school age for both boys and girls, cosmetics, make-up, perfumes, jewellery, watches (with or without batteries), candles, shower things and small gadget things like wee torches or key rings for men and craft sets.

Our thanks to you all in anticipation! All gifts appreciated by the end of November please!

Much love in His Name

Ray & Trixie

“...the Father has sent his Son to be the Saviour of the world.” 1 John 4:14 NIV