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October 2017

Dear Supporting Friends,

Once again it is our Christmas Appeal time. Thank you so much for all your help in this work. Every contribution is appreciated especially in an age of Church decline and Church introvertedness.

Just to give you a bit of family news. At the beginning of the year Trixie was rushed in to Wishaw General Hospital for the first time in her adult life, with a viral bladder infection and sepsis with a temperature well over 40. Her wee body was convulsing and shutting down. We both thought that she had the flu! She was put in the high dependency ward, with drips, antibiotics and morphine, plus! She nearly died but the Consultant said that owing to her life style and level of fitness, she was able to overcome things in just six days and he allowed her to go back to her fitness exercises the next week, but that she had to take it easy. Seven months on we have to say that, the road to recovery has been very much an up and down situation with a lot of fatigue to cope with and some very early nights. Some of our friends (who are a lot younger and who have had the same illness), at the same time as Trixie are still getting physio for their limbs. Others have had more drastic measures taken and some have even died. So all in all, we both realise that God has kept her alive for His purpose and her work for Him is not finished yet. When so close to death, it has brought us even closer together and even more close to our precious Lord, because we realise that every day is a bonus! When she started to get on her feet in hospital and make a whole lot of friends, I was sent shopping for presents for them all, with special request pertaining to each person's interest! So each visiting hour I would arrive with presents for her to distribute! We also got very close to a wee student nurse and are still in touch.

We have had two visits back to Egypt this year, one in May and one in September. We made a second move to a new hotel that is run by Egyptian families and is very friendly and we just love it there. It is just made for us and we are beginning to build a lot of relationships with the people there. The diving world is booming and we have a lot of contacts with families in the area. It is early days yet, but God is moving mightily in Egypt and the Christians really need your prayers. Despite all the negative media press, Egypt is one of the safest places to be and the people are incredible. You have to be there, to understand it. Trixie was taken to a market by her Egyptian friend and was told to leave her bag with money in it sitting on the back seat and not to worry that it would be safe. All the windows were open and the car was not locked. When she came back, there it was, all in one piece. Don't know of anywhere other than Egypt that you could do this: certainly not Motherwell! When we returned home, Trixie was really unwell with a very bad chest infection for two weeks, as her immune system is still picking up. Of course, she could start planning for Christmas in her head and so once she was on her feet again, Christmas started in our house! Many gifts have already been delivered to us by our supporters with many more still to come in! The wrapping has begun. Our Christmas tree and some of the decorations are also up!

This year we are particularly looking for men's socks, "After eights", selection boxes (the small ones come in handy for large groups), good quality sellotape (because when you have a large amount to wrap and the tape keeps splitting or breaking, it really holds us back), and scarves for women. We are looking for Shaun the Sheep items and black or brown dolls, Lynx sets for men, as well as gift bags, unusual wee chocolates and sweets, toys for both boys and girls, make-up, perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery, watches (with or without batteries), candles, shower gels, craft sets and small gadget things like wee torches or key rings for men. Teddies are always enjoyed by everyone. We have a number of 12 year old girls to think about as well. Many thanks for all your help in past years and thank you for your help this time. It would be very helpful if we could receive the items by Saturday 25th November.

Our sincere thanks to all for your prayerful and practical support.

Our love

Ray & Trixie

'For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.' Philippians 1:21 NIV