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October 2019

Dear Supporting Friends,

40 YEARS! God in His outstanding GRACE has allowed us to serve Him "full-time" for all these years in His work. How the years have flown by and only by His sustaining power and strength, has He kept our Passion and Buzz for Him going and we love Him more today than we ever did before.

At the beginning of May, the Lord called us to fast and pray for our second trip to Egypt in the year. Thomas Cook our carrier, were only doing two direct return trips from Scotland and those were in October. So we began our prayer and fasting journey over the months. We saw many answers to prayer and our cases were filled with presents that God had provided. We felt that the prices were too high and were waiting for them to come down. We checked the flights on line and there were 150 seats still to be booked and so we waited. Eventually, there was one price decrease, standing at £666! Incredible! Obviously, we never booked! Anyway, we still felt it was too expensive and so we waited some more. Usually, we are booked up, months in advance, but not this time. Everything was in place and we were only days away for our trip. There was only one thing holding us back now: the Lord! At this point, He still hadn't given us the green light to go ahead. It was very difficult to understand what He was doing and very hard for organised people to PASSIONATELY wait at this point and our faith felt very stretched! Two days later, Thomas Cook collapsed and everything fell in to place. Praise God for His wonderful PROTECTION! Not one penny was paid out for any travelling! Isn't our Father wonderful and how amazing is it, that we can trust Him explicitly, even though we don't understand? As a couple, we have decided not to rush into things, but to wait until the dust has settled down and see what flights come into being regarding Egypt. Therefore, we are praying about an intended visit in the New Year.

We were given a gift of money from some good friends and we wanted it to go to Egypt and for some of it to be used for two people who require medical help. We were going to take it with us. Two days after Thomas Cook's collapse, that money was transferred to an account in England in order for it to be taken back to Egypt! The person who we contacted and who we trust completely was on holiday in England at that very time and offered to get it to Egypt! How awesome is that! Our God makes not mistakes and His timing is perfect!

We have started our Christmas Appeal and we are off to a good start. We would value any help that you can give us. A single item is so valuable, because very often that is just what we need to make up a hamper etc or give to someone who we know would really like it. All the little and single things mount up.

This year we are still looking for men's socks, "After Eights", selection boxes (the small ones come in handy for large groups), tins of chocolates, and good quality sellotape, (because when you have a large amount to wrap and the tape keeps splitting or breaking, it really holds us back), and scarves for women. Black or brown dolls, Lynx sets for men, as well as gift bags and Christmas crackers, unusual wee chocolates and sweets, toys for both boys and girls and babies, make-up, perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery, watches (with or without batteries), candles, shower gels etc, craft sets and small gadget things like wee torches or key rings for men. Pens are useful. Teddies are always enjoyed by everyone and we need at least 100 of them. We don't need any Christmas cards or tags because we have plenty left over from last time.

Many thanks for all your prayers, help and practical support over the 40 years and thank you for your contributions this time. It would be very helpful if we could receive the items by Saturday 23rd November.

God Bless and loads of love

Ray and Trixie Keilty