Ray and Trixie Keilty

Christmas Appeal - 2021

Ray and Trixie Keilty
32 Oakfield Tower

October 2021

Dear Supporting Friends,

Thank you for your support over these many years and especially for your support last Christmas that came at a very testing time of trust.

God has blessed us so much during 2021 and we have seen Him moving in our community. People want to know about Jesus in these unknown and uncertain times. It is great to be able to tell them that our wonderful Father God holds our future in His hands and that when we belong to Jesus, He has the day and hour when it is time for us to pass to be in His presence and not one second before. He can be completely trusted!

We are so very grateful and humbled to those of you who helped us get our amazing and beautiful car in July. It is so good to have one that is reliable as our 18 year old car was showing her age! We have enjoyed being able to take a couple of day trips further afield!

Here we are, another year of “Covid” behind us and Christmas is only weeks away. We are late putting out this letter because we were waiting on the Lord to see our way ahead. So, we have decided to do vouchers again for this year, especially for those who would prefer it. They were very helpful and well received last Christmas. Then hampers for those who we know would feel comfortable with our contact. We have already started collecting for these.

We are especially looking for selection boxes, boxes of chocolates, After Eights and novelty chocolates and sweets.

God Bless and loads of love.

Ray and Trixie Keilty

Unfortunately, the Banks are no longer accepting Trixie's name or initial 'T' on any cheques, as it is a nickname, so, if you wish to write a cheque, please could you kindly make it payable to, Mr & Mrs R. Keilty. Or if you would like to donate straight into our Bank Account - see the Elders at Bethany for the details.

'... the promise of life that is in Christ Jesus '
2 Tim 1:1 NIV