Ray and Trixie Keilty

Christmas Appeal

Ray and Trixie Keilty
32 Oakfield Tower

November 2020

Dear Supporting Friends,

God Bless you and your families during this unusual and testing time.

We are both well and are keeping very busy in the Lord's work despite the restrictions of the Covid 19. There is so much need in the Community and the Lord is showing us new and innovative ways to reach further and deeper into people's lives in 2020. The virus has made people think about their future and their need for God and there is a great openness to spiritual things at the moment.

Trixie met up with the MS Group Leaders to discuss their future and how to continue to keep together and also think about what to do at Christmas. We have both been involved with this lovely group for over five years.

Ray has been involved in Zoom and speaking on some Sunday mornings. Not so long ago, he was asked to give his Testimony and he was also talking about life choices, both good and bad and also about the fact that "the most dangerous thing that you can do in life, is play it safe", a thing Jesus never did! His cost was the cross! Sometimes we have to step out in Faith and do! He spoke on the "Lost Son"! It was a very powerful message and we know that God will continue to use it in the weeks that lie ahead. We got very good feedback from individuals that were blessed.

A couple of weeks ago, Trixie met up with one of her young friends for a coffee and a wee catch-up. She is not a Christian, but is very interested and asking a lot of questions. She has a Partner and a young teenage daughter and is such a lovely caring person. She meets up with her every couple of weeks. She also met up for lunch with a young Mum whom we have known since a child and she has been saved in recent years but struggles with "Fibromyalgia" and is in constant pain and has lost so much weight that she is now down to 6 stone. She started to feel unwell shortly after her commitment to the Lord Jesus. She lives with her partner, (who we have known since a teenager), and they have three children and one grand-daughter. At times, when she has attended Church, (she brings a cushion to sit on) and is in so much pain, she can be seen trying to hold back her tears. Please pray for our dear struggling friend. Pray for her partner who has his own struggles and finds it difficult to trust Jesus in his struggles.

We are using Amazon Prime to send non-Christian friends gifts during the Pandemic. We choose, after praying and fasting, one or two people (young and older) to reach out to in this way and contact them and tell them to expect a wee gift of encouragement, some who have self-isolated for a number of months. God is really blessing this new work. Owing to the success of this recent work, we have decided before the Lord, to continue to do our Christmas Appeal in the same way and bless our community. We are, therefore, asking for financial help instead of the various items that we would normally give out, and will continue to use "Amazon Prime" instead for

December 2020. Just a little, goes a long way, and we would be most grateful and appreciative, if you are able to help us.

This is an amazing year of new things and new opportunities and we praise the Lord for His Control and His Power and His ability to speak and change us during these months. We pray that we will be a very different people from the one of last year and just that little bit closer to Him and a little less of us and a lot more of Him, at the end of it all! The World is in "Lockdown" but God is NOT!

With love and hugs

Ray and Trixie Keilty

A reminder that the Bank will not accept the name 'Trixie' on cheques as it is a nickname.

Best use, Mr and Mrs R Keilty

You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me into glory.
Psalm 73:24 NIV