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Ray and Trixie Keilty
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12th January 2013

Dear Supporting friends,

May the Lord give us all, His wonderful GRACE to face the challenges, changes and curve balls in this New Year of 2013.

Thank you for your faithfulness and commitment towards the Christmas Appeal. We never take your love and care for this work for granted and we try to be the best of stewards in order to honour your giving and bring glory to our Father's Name.

We started off well ahead of ourselves and finished it that way too, and for the first time ever, had our living-room cleared by the 23rd December and our Palm Christmas tree up with all its lights! Never managed to do all the dusting though! Most of the presents were delivered by then too and all our neighbours seen to as well. How good is our God! Most of the items arrived in good time and we thank you for that. We appreciate that the date for it to all be in, is quite early for you to start thinking about Christmas. Not many people start their Christmas in October! Ray was invited to take the Christmas Eve service at our own Church and so he was free to concentrate on his preparation for that night. The Church was packed out with all age groups, and there were a good number of people from the community. The young folk did well, the atmosphere was great and the food delicious and God's Word went out with power. Praise His Holy name! We made a count of people who received presents this year, but then, lost count. But we can say that at least 600 people got the lovely items that you provided. We took a laid back approach to things and enjoyed the whole experience.

All gifts are appreciated. Sometimes people feel bad if they have not collected as much as they were hoping for. Please don't, because every little helps! Remember, in this work you are all part of a BIG team and often an awaited item is in the wee bag in order to go along with something else! Even if it is late in getting to us, don't worry about it because often someone else comes to our minds, or urgent help is required and it is in the late bag! It all works out in the end, thanks to Him! Be encouraged, together you are doing a great work for the Lord and the extension of His kingdom. He is well pleased with you and so are we!

So many of our community friends have had serious illnesses, some with cancer, some in hospital, others with serious problems and some have lost loved ones as well. This happened all around the holidays and we are still giving strong support at the moment. Most have asked for our prayers and spiritual import and there is a wonderful window of opportunity at the moment, and some in the most unexpected quarters.

Our Facebook friends came for their presents, some we met for the first time and others we went to meet personally. It was good to get to know other family members and meet the parents of some of the younger ones. We had a few disappointments and a couple of attacks but we were able to handle them well in the Lord and come out praising Him!

One Church sent us a substantial personal gift (stating that it was for ourselves). That kindness was so unexpected, exciting and encouraging! A big thank you to those concerned for your thoughtful consideration. A big thank you to all who contributed financially.

We also organised a small 60th Birthday party meal with your support and it was a great witness to all concerned. We would like to especially mention also that we were able to use the gifts you donated to provide for a 16th, a 17th, an 18th, a 19th and a 21st Birthday in the days leading up to Christmas. So thank you for that help. Presents were given to another group numbering about 45 at a Christmas meal and we used some of the “After Eights” for this as well. Some presents were given to a group of “homeless” children through someone we knew.

Usually, we have items left over that we use throughout the year, however we are happy to say that there is very little left over. We have maxed out!

In the middle of it all, a couple offered us items from a loft clearance that they did. So many people were blessed in so many ways. We gave a camera and lens to a guy who is a collector and it was one that he didn't have and had been looking for! What a witness that was! One Mum was so excited by the collection of rubbers, that she wrapped them up for her wee girl for Christmas. She used to collect some when she was a girl and was so disappointed when her mother threw them out. The wee girl was over the moon! Her brother got the finishing rod for his Christmas and he was as excited. Makes you think doesn't it? Another Mum got the dishes. She greatly appreciated them because her son is so aggressive and violent that he had smashed most of hers in his various fits of rage. These will do her for now!

Our wee Jesus car is going great and is well known with or without its wee sign!

The past year was a very happy and blessed one for us and this has enabled us to be strong and supportive for those who are in a hard place at the moment.

God bless you and keep you.

Ray and Trixie



Web page: www.rayandtrixie.co.uk