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Over the early part of 2011, we undertook a Bible Study on the subject of the Tabernacle from the book of Exodus.

We hope you benefit from this study in your own life.

Bethany Evangelical Church - Tabernacle Study
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Date Service Speaker Subject Length
05/06/2011 Evening Brian Hawthorn download mp3 fileExodus 30 28 mins 06 secs
29/05/2011 Evening Derek Watt download mp3 fileThe Breastplate Exodus 28 39 mins 42 secs
08/05/2011 Evening Steve Moss download mp3 fileThe Anointing Oil 39 mins 57 secs
17/04/2011 Evening Dan Carnan download mp3 fileThe Atonement 37 mins 15 secs
10/04/2011 Evening Alan Bowman download mp3 fileConcecration of the priests
38 mins 17 secs
03/04/2011 Evening Graham McCormick download mp3 fileThe High Priests Garments 45 mins 25 secs
27/03/2011 Evening Neil Smith download mp3 fileAltar of Incense
40 mins 06 secs
13/03/2011 Evening Peter McGregor download mp3 fileThe Ark of the Covenant 43 mins 19 secs
06/03/2011 Evening Richard Smith download mp3 fileThe Brazen Alter
44 mins 36 secs
27/02/2011 Evening Douglas Gibb download mp3 fileLayout of the Tabernacle
Photos of tabernacle
40 mins 51 secs
20/02/2011 Evening Danion Neilson-Bell download mp3 fileThe Table of Showbread
34 mins 26 secs
13/02/2011 Evening Ray Keilty download mp3 fileThe veil of the Tabernacle
33 mins 55 secs
30/01/2011 Evening Walter Hannay download mp3 fileThe Golden Lampstand 36 mins 13 secs
23/01/2011 Evening Mark Davis download mp3 fileTabernacle
38 mins 44 secs

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