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Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

Proverbs 16 v 3

Secretary's Report

There have been many highlights during the past year with much that we should be giving thanks to God for his wonderful provision and strength given to all at Bethany.

It has been greatly encouraging to welcome visitors to the church during the last year, particularly to the Family service on a Sunday morning when the gospel is proclaimed. It is essential that we continue to pray for those who show an interest in the word of God and it would be our hope that they would come to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour. We will be having a special gospel outreach evening on Thursday 20th September with Dr Monty White of Answers in Genesis, an event which will be widely publicised.

We finally said goodbye to Wunmi who left Paisley to take up her employment down south, however there were many in Bethany who received an invitation to attend her marriage to Fi in Manchester in April this year. It indeed was a wonderful occasion and our attendance was greatly appreciated by Wunmi and her family, who expressed their thanks to all at Bethany for helping make Wunmi's stay in Paisley an enjoyable one.

Once again we appreciate everyone in Bethany who contributed in many ways which make it possible to put on so many events. For the Bible teaching programme, thanks to Steve Moss for arranging speakers and Malcolm McGookin for his contributions. Thanks also to Cathy Muir for her many years of help in the cleaning of both buildings.

We mourned the passing away of two faithful servants for the Lord at Bethany, Lawrence Harvey at the end of last year and Nancy Bolland a few months ago, we remember having been involved in the assembly life for many years we miss them both.

Once again we look to the Lord for his continued help and blessing as we carry on in our service for him in Queen Street Paisley and as we look forward to his imminent return let us continue to be occupied in our testimony for him. There may be difficult days, there may be days of joy however throughout it all may we bring glory and honour to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ always.
Andy Wilson

630 Club

The 630 Club session ran from September to March. This year the leaders were Eunice Crocket, Lindsay Crockett, Ruth Wilson, David Wilson, Marc Campbell, and Wilson Crawford and were joined by William Hedderwick who was there to observe and learn.

Our facilities at Brediland School are no longer open plan this year with leaders required to move furniture before and after the club each Wednesday evening.

As usual our thanks goes to Harry the school Janitor who is always supportive.

Using the Detonate programme we were still able to enjoy singing, team games, memory verse work, Bible truths, quiz or craft.

The children learnt Psalm 23 over the session and each week there was a clear gospel message. Our Bible truth topics were Elisha, Naaman, Nehemiah, Job, as well as the life and faith of Hudson Taylor. The birth of Jesus, his death and resurrection were explained at both Christmas and Easter.

Most evenings saw attendances of twelve children who rarely missed a club, participated and listened well. The children were grouped together into four teams allowing everyone to get to know each other and enjoy the happy friendly atmosphere.

Many of the Club attend Sunday School, Bethany Buds and some are also going to the Camp in the summer.

Over the session we have been delighted to welcome some of the children from the club and their parents to the Family Service and Sunday School at Bethany. Thank you for giving these families a warm welcome. Please remember this work and the leaders in your prayers throughout the year.

Ruth Wilson

Bethany Buds

Bethany Buds was started this year to give young Christians an opportunity to learn more about our wonderful Lord Jesus.

The desire to begin this work came about soon after last years camp where a great number of young people trusted the Lord, including many associated with Bethany. We had also seen Hannah, Naomi and Esther trust the Lord over the course of the year so the desire to begin something for them began to work on me.

I sought the Lord regarding this and knew that it was too much for one person to take on alone so, as I have done in the past, I "Put out a Fleece" asking the Lord to provide a fellow worker. The person who came to my mind was Linda Vassie.

When I approached Linda to ask her thoughts on the matter my prayers had already been answered when she informed me that she, too, had been seeking the Lord's guidance as to what avenue of service He would have her do this year. She so wanted it to be in children's work; so before we knew, both of our prayers had been answered - isn't the Lord good?

Isaiah 65:24 says these words “Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.”

This verse showed to us that it was right to start the work, so in September 2006 we had our first night and numbers have steadily grown to 9 girls each Monday Night.

As the name suggests, these girls are like little buds. The Lord Jesus has the desire for them to bloom and to go on for Him. Each week we go through a study together and study various subjects from basic bible study to prayer and living to serve and follow Him. We have various crafts, with a Christian theme, which are really enjoyed and a time to chat is welcomed too.

Our prayer for these girls is that they would grow strong in the Lord and form strong Christian friendships with each other, that they would get to know their Bibles and that they know that whatever they do, wherever they go - the Lord will be with them.

Please pray for this exciting work and that God would abundantly bless it.

Eunice Crockett

Paisley and District Christian Youth Camp

“I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart, I will tell of all your wonders.”

Psalm 9 v 1

Last years camp was different from previous camps but was still a great success and we had a great time at Whittaugh Park. Although camp had underwent many changes the whole camp was still for the Lord, which was evident throughout the week with a number of campers trusting in the Lord.

We are thankful for all the prayers and help that we have been given for camp last year and would ask you would continue to pray for the children last year who trusted the Lord. One of the great experiences for Marc was as he listened to two young girls put their trust in our Lord Jesus. These girls have since with some others been attending the Bethany Buds. This is an answer to prayer that children who trusted the Lord at camp would not just go home with no follow up work or teaching but that they may grow in their faith. We should rejoice for camp last year for the good services taken by Martin Erwin and also for evening discussion groups with dorm leaders, which had campers asking all sorts of questions about the Christian faith.

The new activities were a good hit with the kids going down well and the weather was fantastic. We really were blessed at last year's camp and our prayer is that the Lord will use camp as effectively this year as He did last year.

Camp clubs have been held throughout the year at various locations and have been well attended and enjoyed by everyone, with the day at camp activity to be held in next month.

Camp 2007 will be a return visit to Whittaugh Park with plans well underway with over one hundred people in the travelling party. The speaker this year will be Iain Cunningham. Please pray that God will bless and be at work in all that is undertaken at camp.

Thanks for all your support for camp.

David Wilson / Marc Campbell
Camp Leaders

Friends and Neighbours October 2006 to March 2007

We all enjoyed meeting each Thursday as the attendances were maintained throughout the session.

There were disappointments as our treasurer Lawrence Harvey was called home. However Betty Purse has filled the position gladly. Others who will be missed were Jean O'Donnell, Rowan Prentice and Nancy Bolland were also called home.

The speakers and singers were varied, but were excellent in the proclamation of the gospel. True to say a few had difficulty in finding Bethany.

We all enjoyed our Christmas dinner at the Travellers Rest. Thanks to John Dick who gave a humorous rendering of poetry. Possibly the highlight of the day was Ella and David's 60th Wedding Anniversary who received congratulations from the company. A bouquet of flowers was presented by Jean Lochhead, a cake was also given and cut by Ella and David.

Thanks to those who made the meetings a success and also helped at the Christmas Dinner.

The closing service was extra special, this occasion celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Thursday meetings. A special tea was given and anniversary cake with 'Put your hope in God' was cut by Jean Harvey. Jim Cunningham gave a resume of f the forty years. A bookmark was given to everybody as a memento of the occasion. There was a speaker and three singers. The service was also recorded.

A very good season, which we hope was enjoyed by those who regularly attended. Our thanks to all and God willing we will meet again on the 4th October 2007.

Yours in the Lord's service.

Hugh Goudie

Growing Christians 2006 - 2007

We have recently commenced an Emmaus course on “Basic Bible Doctrines”

This book briefly but succinctly covers subjects usually found in hefty volumes of Systematic Theology.

Deep but crucial subjects are taught in a clear and bright manner. Subjects such as 'Bibliology', 'Theology Proper', 'Christology', Pneumatology' 'Angelology', 'Man', 'Sin', 'Salvationc', 'Ecclesiology' and 'Eschatology'.

The young men seem to be grasping a whole new vocabulary in this study and are displaying a grasp of these Biblical doctrines. Indeed we are preparing a glossary to explain even longer words.

Since finishing the book of Proverbs (not that anyone ever really finishes Proverbs) we have studied Emmaus courses on the letter to the Romans and The Lord Supper.

Studying these subjects have been stimulating and have encouraged growth in maturity and participation. I'm sure that all have seen the difference in the life of our young men.

We still nominally have eight in attendance, but please pray for one of our number whose attendance has lapsed these last few weeks due to other distractions.

We have also been missing Adam Ogwu due to his illness and that desperate but necessary thing called 'homework'.

We belatedly reported the departure of Wunmi in 2006's report, but were pleased to have her company for longer than expected. Remember Wunmi and Fi in their new life together.

We are enjoying the faithful help of Ruth, Rebecca & Linda who have consistently supplied quality refreshment and company.

We lastly would thank all of you for remembering us in your prayers.

Steve Moss

Incy Wincy Parent and Toddler Group

At present we have 14 children and 16 adults who attend regularly, the majority of whom came last session.

Once again we have purposely reduced our numbers due to further reductions in team members. Sadly both Liz and Cathy left us last June but we are thankful for their faithful service. This leaves Irene, Eunice and Lynn but we have been helped by a couple of the Grans in the kitchen. We are grateful too, to Liz who is willing to come when required, and to Robert McCaig who has helped every week with clearing up and hovering, a big help indeed!

We are equally thankful for the faithful support of those providing home baking. This is so appreciated and makes our group different to others. The big difference of course is that the purpose of our group is to introduce others to our Lord. Please continue to pray for us in this work, that we will make time and take opportunities to share our faith. Christian literature is always available and this year we have worked our way through the Bible at story time, presenting simply stories from both Old and New Testaments and a clear Gospel message.

Please pray for our closing event next month and the planning for next session in September - New team members welcome!

Lynn Moss

Prayer Chain Report

Report time again, another year on and we are still seeking God's help as the days go by.

Many requests on behalf of friends and family Re-employment, health etc., as well as Assembly points have been brought to the Throne of Grace faithfully by our small prayer group.

We have praised God when seeing many answers and keep on praying when things take longer. We are always conscious that God's ways are not our ways.

His answers are not always what we would like but his timing is perfect.

Contact me please if you have a special need that we could bring to the Lord and we will pray with and for you.

Remember there is nothing to hard for the Lord. There is nothing that He cannot do.

Thank you ladies for your support and faithfulness during the past year.

Janette Cunningham
Prayer Chain Co-ordinator

Senior Citizens May 2006 - May 2007

Once again we thank God for all his goodness throughout the quarterly meetings.

The attendances were favourable and we were pleased to see the elderly and the young people coming.

The speakers and singers were excellent the standard of baking was as usual the best, thanks to those who set up and made the tea and served it, and the drivers who conveyed the people.

Our thanks again for everyone who made it a success.

The next meeting is on Sunday 27th May 2007 and an invitation is extended to all young and old.

Yours in His Service

Hugh Goudie
John 5 v 24

Sunday School

It is always both an encouragement as well as a challenge when involved in the teaching of the word of God to the children. They are an audience who are the most interested, enthusiastic and receptive in learning about the Bible, so it is therefore vital that this task is undertaken appropriately.

The teachers who have been involved this session were Ruth, Lynn, Steve, Marc, Andy, and help from David when needed.

The time the children have in the Family Service is helpful in their long-term spiritual development in, which is evident by those who have developed in their faith, by staying in to listen to the speaker and some now helping out at Sunday school. It is also an opportunity for children to listen to the visiting speakers gifted at teaching youngsters or one of our own leaders.

The groups for the younger children use age appropriate materials by Christian Focus publications which systematically work through the scriptures. The Christmas story as well as the Easter story is included in the programme with time allocated to teach these important events in the Christian calendar. The older age group have been concluding their look at the important Bible teaching in the book of Genesis, the foundations of the faith.

We continue to have a party at Christmas time for the children in the centre and we do appreciate all who help at a busy time of year with everyone enjoying the occasion.

The special family services at Christmas, Easter and Prizegiving have been well supported by family and friends of the children. This is an opportunity to have a conversation with the adults and having the refreshments after the service makes this possible. Please continue to pray that parent, family members and friends will be challenged by the word of God and that those adults who come along on the bus other weeks will also find faith in the Lord Jesus.

There is a challenge to invite other children to Sunday school with our special prayers on a Tuesday night and other occasions being answered with new children coming along. It is a different generation and teaching the Bible today is vastly different to twenty years ago however God is helping and blessing and we rejoice in those children who have out their trust in the Lord Jesus over the last year. Pray for them along with others who are growing in their faith, God is faithful and indeed has blessed us abundantly.

A Wilson