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Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

Proverbs 16 v 3

Secretary's Report

Over the last year there have been many events that have occurred in the life of the church. When we look back there is much that we should be giving thanks to God, for His continued help, grace and blessing that He bestows to all at Bethany.

It is a command of the Lord Jesus to be baptised therefore it is a momentous occasion when a believer is obedient to the Saviour in this way. During the last year it was good to have Liz McGookin and Adam Ogwu take this step and there were many family and friends there to witness their baptism.

Yet again we express our gratitude and appreciation to Steve Moss and Malcolm McGookin for, arranging speakers and leading the mid week Bible Study. It has been good to have subjects for the speakers at the Bible teaching and we continue to encourage all who can attend to come along, as it is essential that we grow in our knowledge and understanding of the scriptures. There are many others that have contributed in many ways in the activities in Bethany, especially the unseen tasks and we appreciate that it is this kind of service for the Lord that makes it possible to put on so many events.

During the past year Jean Dick, Betty Patterson, Cathy Carduff and Cathy Leitch all passed away. Jean was in fellowship for 15 years after Elderslie closed and served the Lord with her husband John in the Friends and Neighbours. Betty had been in fellowship in Wellmeadow and Bethany for over 70 years, many with her late husband Charles. She was a talented singer and used her talent to serve the Lord. Cathy had been in fellowship for 74 years, was a Sunday school teacher and a founding member of the Girl's Class with Mae Begg, Margaret and Bessie Cunningham and Lizzie Tulloch. They will all be missed but we give God thanks for their faithfulness and service.

We celebrated the first wedding for fifteen years at Bethany when Wilson Crawford and Laura Bell were married by Lindsay Crockett in February. We also celebrated the Golden Wedding of Jim and Jeanette Cunningham the same month.

Looking ahead in the will of God there is still a great work to do here at Bethany, as we continue to meet to remember and worship the Lord. We want to endeavour to study the word God in order that we are fully equipped to proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus effectively. The world has changed greatly over the years, sadly not for the better, that means we have to work hard to maintain our witness and make an impact in the community. However we must remain positive, keep our focus on the Lord and like Paul not become weary in doing good, for if we remain faithful we will reap a harvest.

Andy Wilson

630 Club

We had between 12 and 20 children coming each week. It was good to see new people responding to the flyer which goes up in the school. We also asked the Head Teacher if it would be possible to hand a personal invitation to each pupil in the school about 6.30 Club and, in an answer to much prayer, he agreed that we could do this. It was a great encouragement to see the response.

After a few weeks, the main core group was established and these children came faithfully for the great majority of the 26 weeks we were on for.

Leaders this year were Eunice and Lindsay, Ruth, David and Mark Wilson, William and Wilson. Laura will join us next term and is looking to get involved too.

We covered a few subjects again this year; The stories of Joseph and Esther from the bible using the PowerPoint for the pictures to help tell the story. Once again it was good to see David getting involved in telling some of the stories and building up his confidence in this. We also covered the story of Mary Slessor using the flash cards. Our one boy, Callum, couldn't wait for Wednesday's to come around so that he could hear the continuation of the "Mary story". One week he even asked if we could cut out the choruses so we could go straight to the story. His face lit up on Prize Giving night when we presented him with his own unique copy of the Mary Slessor story that he could take home. We are sure even now he is still reading it and looking at the pictures.

At the beginning of the year we put together a Leader's Help Pack with example quizzes and games and over the course of the year this was well utilised. It was good to see how the various leaders put their own personal slant on a specific game and quiz and had them prepared and ready to use each week.

This year we learned the Lord's Prayer for our memory verse. It was really touching to see every single child being able to recite it out each week. We trust that the words learned will have a meaning in each of these child's hearts.

We are enjoying a well-earned rest but it will not be long until we are meeting again to discuss next year's programme and again serving the lord up in Brediland. It has been good to see some of the children coming to Sunday School on the bus and we hope that this continues.

We value your prayers again for this very enjoyable work for the Lord.

Eunice and Lindsay Crockett

Friends and Neighbours

Friends and Neighbours commenced their new session the second Thursday in October, when many of our faithful friends came along, although health problems deterred some.

The Kilnside friends and other churches helped to keep the weekly attendance between twenty five and thirty five people.

We had a good varied programme, with our Lord upheld by word and song. The Christmas dinner was at the Traveller's Rest in Neilston, which was enjoyed by all. We were very grateful for Maimie Paterson helping at the piano and John Semple leading the meeting for the last six weeks when I became ill.

We are sorry to announce that Friends and Neighbours has come to an end for us. We appreciate that for forty two years it has served many friends each Thursday, including Christmas dinners and bus runs etc.

We thank those who made the meetings a success and express our gratitude to all who helped in so many ways.

Times change, but we continue to pray for our unsaved friends, who heard God's Word plainly offered and as far we know have not accepted God's gift of salvation.

A portion of scripture to keep before us, John 15:12-17 which was emulated at Friends and Neighbours.

Hugh Goudie

Bethany Buds

Once again, we have had a good year at Bethany Buds.

After giving the girls a questionnaire, they came back with a unanimous verdict to continue. Once again, we have 9 girls who attend on a regular basis. The studies chosen this year were on topical subjects and seeing what the Bible had to say about it. As many of you have already seen, they have put all their posters up on the walls in the cafe. It was interesting to see how their perception of alcohol, drugs, smoking and relationships are formed. They do have opinions on these subjects because it is part and parcel of the world we now live in. We were able to show through the bible verses what the Christians view of this is.

The girls very much enjoyed craft work organised by Linda and we tried different activities this session. For Example - Baking, scented candles, card making, and the most popular - Pixel Art ( this also took the longest as it formed a mosaic and each individual bead had to be placed in by hand ).

Our final night was held in the Lounge with pizza and sweets and the movie projected on to the "big screen" by Lindsay. This year we had a "Mama Mia" night and sang along with all the Abba songs in the film. (The singing was great !!!)

It was good to see many of the parents at both the Christmas and Easter services where the Bethany Buds were taking part on the day and also at Easter to see the girls at their prize giving.

Please pray for the girls:-

  • Erin, Katrina, Victoria, Melanie, Michaela & Jade who come from non-Christian families.
  • Hannah, Naomi & Rebecca who come from Christian homes.

Please pray for Bethany Buds as we look to the Lord for guidance for next year. What subjects will we do? Can we expand the group to include others? If this is the case then we would need another leader. Pray that the girl's faith would be kept strong and that they would want to continue coming along to Bethany.

Thank you for your support once again.

Eunice Crockett & Linda Vassie

Growing Christians

Last years report finished with uncertainty as we were considering what study to start as we had completed 'Basic Bible Doctrines'

BBD would be a hard act to follow, but we settled upon the Emmaus study of the Messianic Psalms. This is a study that dwelt upon the Lord Jesus, His Coming, life, ministry, death and burial, His reign at God's right hand (now) and His coming in power to reign. Fourteen Psalms were covered (Psalm 2, 8, 16, 22, 40, 41, 45, 68, 69, 91, 97, 102, 110 and 118) which foretold the 'things concerning Himself' hundreds of years before his blessed life as the incarnated Lord.

The writer of the study separated each lesson into 3 parts:-

  1. The primary association
  2. The prophetic anticipation
  3. The personal application

Although we have studied the life of Christ before, these Psalms gave a unique perspective on all that He went through for our sakes and covered more detail than sometimes even the Gospels give.

We eventually finished the study of these great Scriptures and started another Emmaus course, but more of that later.

The personnel attending the GC group has not changed apart from the transformation of Miss Bell into Mrs Crawford making one young man very happy.

We would like to express our thanks for the contribution Linda Vassie made during her time with us, and she is much missed.

This year we have had an influx of fresh blood in the form of 4 young girls who have formed the junior group, ably led by Ruth Wilson. We are all familiar with these girls; they are Jade, Rebecca, Erin and Katrina. They are studying the 'Christian Life' and seem to be working very hard at it.

The course the senior group is studying at present is a study called 'The life and Prophecies of Daniel'. This involves twelve studies, one for each chapter of the book of 'Daniel' This is a fascinating part of the Bible, encompassing Prophesy, History, Biography and much more. We have just finished chapter 9 with the study of a great prayer and the prophesy of the Seventy Sevens.

Please pray for both groups as we continue with our learning.

Again we are grateful for Ruth, Andy, Rebecca and all those who have supported us in the time spent taking aboard energy giving tasty treats in the 30 minutes prior to our engagement in study. Especial mention for Mrs Wilson's pancakes.

Thanking you once again for your support and fellowship in prayer.

Steve and Andy

Incy Wincy Parent and Toddler Group 2008 - 2009

We started our session last September with only 3 adults and 4 children returning from June. Due to the power of prayer (and advertising!) we now have 15 adults and 17 children on our register. A big thanks goes to Graham Vassie for his excellent posters displayed locally.

Some weeks however, our numbers are small, as many this session are not able to attend every week. More consistent, thankfully, are our helpers, Jennifer and Mari. We have also had one of our mums come from last year and all three help out in the kitchen.

We are so very thankful too, to all on our baking rota and all the grown ups are delighted each week with the variety of food provided. We are also grateful to Liz McKinnon who assists us from time to time too and is willing to step in at short notice if required.

Once again we have used our Story Time to work through our Children's Bible, with stories from both the Old and New Testament. As well as gaining knowledge of the Scriptures, we are presenting the Gospel each week in word and in song. Opportunities have also occurred in the kitchen to discuss our faith with our helpers who are very supportive of our aim to tell others about our Lord!

Christian literature is always available each week, including 'Our Daily Bread' notes, kindly supplied by Margaret Goudie and topical tracts are enclosed in our Christmas and Easter cards.

Please join us in giving thanks for God's help this session and pray for our closing event and prize giving next month.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Eunice Crockett and Lynn Moss

Prayer Chain Reports

Time again to let you know how our ladies prayer group is going on.

We have had a lot to pray about and many to pray for. Two of our group have been top of our list since last year.

Irene McCaig and Margaret Goudie.

  • Irene has bravely faced up to her health problems, with love, help and support of Robert. We will continue to seek God's blessing for them both.
  • Margaret also has had a very long and exhausting tune since her heart surgery and other problems. Hugh as you know suffered a stroke and so we will continue to bring them both to the Lord for His strength to carry on.

They are just two of the many we have prayed for this year; there are many, many more.

God does not always answer as quickly or in the way we would like but we believe He hears and will answer in His own time.

Jean Dick.

Since our last report, Jean, one of the prayer chain ladies, was called home to be with her Lord on 21st June 2008. She is still missed by us all for her valuable contribution. Do you need prayer support? Please tell us.

Thank you to all prayer chain ladies for that faithful support during the past year.


Janette Cunningham
Prayer Chain Co-ordinator
May 2009

Sunday School

The teaching of the word of God to children is a great task that is a challenge to everyone called to this ministry. There are however many blessings that come along when you are involved working with the next generation, explaining spiritual truths. Especially when they are attracted, eager and responsive in finding out about the Bible, so it is important the task is undertaken properly. Those who have taken up the commission this year were Ruth and Mark, Lynn and Steve, Andy, Laura and Wilson, and help from Liz when required.

We declare the scriptures to a world that appears indifferent to religion and Christianity in particular and that does not impact their lives in a meaningful way. Therefore making the Bible relevant to children in the 21st Century has changed from how Christians of preceding generations were taught. Over the last couple of decades there has been a hasty waning in learning about the Bible and its relevance in society. In spite of this God is guiding, helping and blessing us as we labour for the Lord. We are grateful for those children who come along faithfully each Sunday, in particular those who have put their trust in the Lord Jesus over recent years. Continue to pray for all the children, those who are believers that they will grow in knowledge of the Bible and that the others will come to faith in the Lord Jesus.

We are currently going through the Bible with a programme that uses age appropriate resources that systematically work through the scriptures. The task of teaching the younger children is particularly demanding trying to make the most of the brief time that we have to communicate the gospel. The older group continue to use using the AIG teaching course 'It all begins in Genesis' that not only covers the book of Genesis but the other books of the Bible. We continue to allocate time to teach the important events in the Christian calendar, the Christmas story as well as the Easter story being included in the programme.

Once again we enjoyed a party at Christmas time for the children in the centre and although this a busy time of year for everyone, all who attended enjoyed the event.

We continue to promote the special family services at Christmas, Easter and Prizegiving by inviting the family and friends of the children to come along to the church. Please keep on praying that parents, family members and friends will be continue to attend such events, to hear the message of the gospel and find faith in the Lord Jesus. We would encourage you to take the opportunity to have a chat with the visitors after these services, when we have a cup of coffee in the cafe.

A. Wilson

Paisley & District Christian Youth Camp

“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Luke 11 v 9- 10

For last years camp we went back to Whittaugh Park with Douglas Young coming as the speaker and we were again able to have over 100 people at camp. We had a good mix of activities throughout the week, including swimming, crafts, abseiling and most importantly the services, at which Douglas was able to present the gospel message clearly to the campers. The weather was much better than last year which was a great answer to prayer.

For this year's camp we will be once again returning to Whittaugh Park, with Douglas coming back as the speaker for the week. As leaders we would ask you to pray with us that God would use the week at camp to work in the lives of the campers, both by seeing campers saved, while also seeing those who have already came to faith growing spiritually and leaving camp with their faith having been strengthened.

We appreciate your prayers for the camp, both during camp and also throughout the rest of the year when the preparation and planning for camp is being done. As leaders we have recently looked at the verses above and thought about the need to keep on praying for camp. It is an encouragement to know that others are also praying for Camp, especially as we know that God will listen to our prayers and has the power to give us what we have asked him for.

Thank you for all your support for camp.

David Wilson