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Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

Proverbs 16 v 3

Secretary's Report

Once again we look back over the past year at some of the events in the life of the church. We go through many circumstances some joyful others difficult but through it all we look to God as He supplies peace, strength and grace to sustain and keep. It is not so much that we endure but that we enlist every situation that we may go through using it to enhance our faith and trust in the Lord.

During the past year Hugh Goudie passed away. Hugh was in fellowship many years, serving God faithfully and consistently in many ways. Such as Senior Citizens services for the older generation as wells as Friends and Neighbours. He loved children and telling them of the Saviour, even praying with some of them when they came to faith in Christ. The Breaking of Bread was important to Hugh and we will always remember his help in presenting hymns, readings from the scriptures and prayers of thanksgiving for the Lord Jesus.

There are many who contribute in many ways in the activities in Bethany, many we known about other are unseen duties and we appreciate all kinds of service for the Lord that makes it possible to put on so many events. Once again we express our appreciation to Malcolm and Steve for organising speakers for the Sunday services. There have been many topics and passages covered by the speakers at the Bible teaching and challenging messages at the Family service. We continue to encourage all who can attend to come along, as it is vital that we grow in our knowledge and understanding of the scriptures. The recording of the services for CD and internet downloads has proved to be a blessing to many.

One of the highlights of the year was the response to the need to renew the windows and main doors of the church building. This was not only an answer to prayer but a desire to give to the Lords work in a very practical way.

While we look back we also need to look forward to serving God in the year ahead. The challenge of proclaiming the message of the cross of Christ in the community that we live in is difficult but it is also absolutely necessary that we take up the task. We must be an assembly that is known for our love of the Lord Jesus Christ, obedient to the word of God and active in the proclamation of the gospel.

Andy Wilson

630 Club Report 2009 - 2010

This year at 6.30 Club was once again very enjoyable.

At the beginning of the year we had numbers of around 24. After a while it settled down to around 15. Part way through the year we had to say goodbye to Jordan, Jay and Kin as they started a new life up in Montrose. We had enjoyed having them with us for the past year or so and we pray that they continue in a church up there.

It was good, again, to see new people responding to the flyer which goes up in the school. We also asked the Head Teacher if it would be possible to hand a personal invitation to each pupil in the school about 6.30 Club and, in an answer to much prayer, he agreed that we could do this. It was a great encouragement to see the response. We have asked again and he has agreed to this once more.

Leaders this year were Eunice and Lindsay, Ruth, David and Mark Wilson, William, Wilson and Laura. This year was the last year that Ruth will be involved with 6.30Club. We have appreciated everything that she has done over many years and thank her for all that she has achieved with 6.30 Club.

We covered a few subjects again this year using the PowerPoint for the pictures to help tell the story. Once again it was good to see David getting involved in telling some of the stories and building up his confidence in this. We covered the life of Paul, Daniel and many others. Attention throughout was excellent

We are enjoying a well-earned rest but it will not be long until we are meeting again to discuss next year's programme and again serving the lord up in Brediland. It was particularly encouraging to see people coming from Incy Wincy's to 6.30 Club and also to see Rowena coming to church on a Sunday - also culminating in her mum staying at the family service on a couple of occasions.

We value your prayers again for this very enjoyable work for the Lord.

Eunice and Lindsay Crockett

Incy Wincy Parent and Toddler Group

The group started in September with only a few children but we now have sixteen on our register.

We are thankful to our “non church” assistants, Jennifer, Mari and Sheila who faithfully help in the kitchen. We praise God for them and pray for opportunities to share our faith with them as we work together each week.

The mornings are busy times; we have free play, craft time and the grown-ups favourite- teatime! We would like to express our very sincere thanks to Linda Vassie and Liz McKinnon for another year of support with their wonderful home baking. This is so much appreciated by the adults and makes our little group a bit more special. Other volunteers most welcome!

We also thank Liz for the days she joins us to help out and her willingness to step in if required. Thankfully God has given us and our offspring good health most Thursdays!

Our main focus, as always, is our short song and story time. Each week the gospel is presented simply in word and in song as we share stories from our children's Bible. Some mums had to leave early to pick up older children from nursery and were missing the most important part of our morning. We solved this problem by moving our story time to just before teatime when we have everyone present.

Christian literature is available each week and every child will receive a children's Bible on leaving to go to nursery.

Please pray for our closing event/Prize giving next month and also for guidance as we think of our new session in September.

Thanking you all once again for your faithful fellowship in prayer,

Eunice Crockett and Lynn Moss

Sunday School

When you teach the word of God to children it s a wonderful privilege as well as a huge responsibility for everyone involved in this ministry. This is especially so in this generation as there various requirements involved in carrying out our duties. It is rewarding for all concerned as God blesses His work when you are proclaiming the truth of the scripture to the next generation, a vital task indeed. It is important that what we teach is relevant to the children of our day while being faithful to God's Word. Those who have taken up the charge this session were Ruth, Marc, Andy and Mark, Lynn and Steve, Laura and Wilson.

We are well aware that in 2010 there is little interest in spiritual matters with little space for God in the lives of people today. However we strive to make an impact in our community and children are an excellent starting point as they display an interest in learning about the message of the Bible.

It is a joy to have children come along and to present the claims of Christ on their young lives. We continue to pray for such children and also their family circle that the Holy Spirit will move in their lives that they may come to know the Lord Jesus as Saviour.

The programme at Sunday school goes systematically through the scriptures using age appropriate resources to aid us in the work. Over this session we have used BES (Bible Educational Services) known by many as the Postal Sunday school. This Bible Study is used all over the world, is an online resource that is free to download and print, for which we are very grateful.

We once again hosted a Christmas party for the children in the centre, an event enjoyed by everyone who attended. It is a busy time of year but this was good way to celebrate Christmas.

The special family services at Christmas, Easter and Prizegiving are occasions that we can use to invite parents, family members and friends of the children to attend, to hear the message of the gospel and hopefully find faith in the Lord Jesus. Continue to pray that God would bless these services and we would encourage you to take the opportunity to have a chat with the visitors after these services, when we have a time of refreshment in the café.

A Wilson

Growing Christians 2009 - 2010

Last years report finished with the group near the end of the study of the book of Daniel. This was a study that was greatly beneficial for providing a detailed view of both Bible history and future events. We have promised ourselves that the book of Revelation will be looked at in the future (DV).

Since completing (but not exhausting) Daniel we have looked at an Emmaus course on the book of Ruth, called '“The Bride of Christ”', and an Emmaus course called ‘A Journey Through the Bible’.

The book of Ruth is nearly always a favourite of Christians of all ages as it is a delightfully told love story with ‘irresistible charm’ and also has a challenging message both for the believer and the Church.

Many believe the book of Ruth to be the most beautiful love story in the Bible. Some of the quotes from this book are used in marriages. The favourite quotation however is not stated to a man by a woman. It is Ruth speaking to Naomi. Ruth 1:16 “And Ruth said, Entreat me not to leave thee, [or] to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God:”

After our concentrated study of Daniel and Ruth we thought that it would be a good idea for something that was more of an overview, a step back to see the bigger picture.

We therefore started our Emmaus course called ‘A Journey Through the Bible’. This study is divided into 12 chapters each prefixed with ‘God's plan for ...’ Creation, the first Man and Woman, all the way to 'the future'. The Bible is God's blueprint for the past, present, and future; involving a plan for man, the nations, Israel, for the lost, and for the saved; and most of all a plan for our lives.

We have just started an Emmaus course called ‘Win the battle for your mind’; this study shows us how to deal with unacceptable thoughts and ‘brainbox pollution’ through the cleansing spiritual and practical application of the water of God's word. We have just completed chapter 1, so have a fair way to go yet.

Again we are grateful for Ruth, Andy, Laura and all those who have supported us with transport, supply of refreshments and the infrastructure we require for our time spent together.

Thanking you once again for your support and fellowship in prayer.

Steve and Andy

Growing Christians Younger Group

By the end of the session the younger group will have completed two Emmaus courses focussing on the Son of God. The first course completed was “Saviour of the World” which is based on the gospel of Luke. The second course attempted is “The Coming King ”studying the book of Matthew.

None of the group could remember attempting to read a full book from the Bible from start to finish. So this was a fresh challenge.

During the evening the younger group get practically involved in service for the Lord by serving refreshments and tidying up afterwards. This is a useful learning experience which will benefit the assembly in future years.

Please pray for the group that they will continue to desire to grow spiritually.

Ruth Wilson

Prayer Chain Report

Time seems to be flying these days or perhaps it is just me that is getting older. However its time again to let you know that our “Prayer Chain” is still active. We are still faithfully bringing those who need prayer to the Lord.

So, I will say again, do you need God's help? Please let us know. Nothing will be put on the Chain unless requested and with permission.

We have asked God's help for many over the past year and are conscious of our own limitations but sure God has none. Therefore we will carry on in prayer aware that He hears even the most feeble cry any time any where.

Just keep on praying through, The
Lord will answer you, God keeps
His promise true, Just keep on
praying, Till light breaks through

Thanks again to all our faithful prayer partners for support over the past year

Janette Cunningham
Prayer Chain Co-ordinator

Bethany Buds

This year has seen a few new faces coming to Bethany Buds, some from personal invitations and others from Kilnside. We have also seen a couple of people no longer coming. Please pray that the truths learned at Bethany Buds will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The girls very much enjoyed craft work organised by Linda and we tried different activities this session. For Example - Baking, scratch art, Easter bonnets, the crosses and Christmas trees which were seen in the church. The year our bible study has centred on the life of Ruth and the many spiritual truths which come from it.

Our final night was held in the Lounge with sweets and the movie projected on to the “big screen” by Lindsay. This year we had a pyjama party and watched the new Disney movie “Up” - before we got there we had gone to McDonalds and had some food together.

It was good to see many of the parents at both the Christmas and Easter services where the Bethany Buds were taking part.

Please pray for Bethany Buds as we again look to the Lord for guidance for next year.

What subjects will we do? How do we keep it relevant for the girls who come? What time to finish in the year as we have seen numbers fall with the light nights coming in?

Pray that the girl's faith would be kept strong and that they would want to continue coming along to Bethany.

Thank you for your support once again.

Eunice Crockett and Linda Vassie

Paisley & District Christian Youth Camp

“The LORD is my rock my fortress and my Saviour”

Psalm 18 v 2

Once again the camp went back to Whittaugh Park with a return also from Douglas Young as the speaker and we were again able to have over 100 people at camp. There was a variety of activities throughout the week, including swimming, crafts, abseiling and most importantly the services, at which Douglas presented the gospel message clearly to the campers. The weather was good for most of the activities, which was a great answer to prayer.

For this year's camp we will be once again returning to Whittaugh Park, with Ian Cunningham coming along as the speaker for the week. The leaders would again ask you to pray that God would bless the week at camp and work in the lives of the campers, both by seeing campers saved, while also seeing those who have already been saved, growing spiritually and leaving camp with their faith having been strengthened.

We appreciate all the prayers for the camp, both during camp and also throughout the rest of the year when the preparation and planning for camp is being done, as well as the events before and after camp in the summer. It is an encouragement to know that others are also praying for Camp, especially as we know that God will listen to our prayers and has the power to give us what we have asked him for.

Thank you for all your support for camp.

David Wilson