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Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

Proverbs 16 v 3

Secretary's Report

Once again we look back on a year in the life of Bethany Evangelical Church, services, activities and events that happened in 2012-13. In every local church there are regular meetings planned and anticipated as well as the special one off events. In them all though they must be bathed in prayer and done to the glory and honour of God.

There are many people who are heavily involved in the Lord's service in Bethany and is important to always remind ourselves that it is His work not our work. It can be hard in the midst of all that we do to realise that we are working for the Faithful and Living God that makes it a truly unique responsibility. Once again a thank you to everyone who contribute in the Lord's work at Bethany, particularly those who do the unnoticed tasks.

David and Ella McAlpine went home to be with the Lord in June and September respectively. In fellowship at Bethany for many years, they are both missed by their many friends who greatly appreciated their faithfulness to the Lord, prayers and encouragement.

The proclamation or the Word of God continues with the Family Service where we are encouraged to have people come along where they can listen to the good news of the gospel presented, we need to continue to pray for their salvation. The Bible teaching service has been a blessing as well as a challenge. While it is important to come along, the recording of the services the internet downloads literally have made a world wide impact. Pray for the continuing development of this ministry.

The upholding of the Word of God is essential in our day, as important as it always has been and as I attended a leader's symposium with representatives from twenty five assemblies this was a truth that was reinforced. We are now operating as a Satellite Centre of The Emmaus Bible School UK where we look to establish the work by offering courses for Christians and also courses with a gospel emphasis.

There are reports of the church activities that make good and encouraging reading and I commend them to you. In June 2012 we had Street Party for the Queen's Golden Jubilee. This was a unique occasion, an opportunity to reach out with gospel to our local community. In a summer of poor weather, we were blessed, a great day in many respects.

It is always a great celebration when a believer is obedient to the Lord Jesus in baptism. We were encouraged that Pamela Scott, Rebecca Wilson and Richard Dunne were baptised in November and were welcomed into fellowship.

We look forward in faith to continue our testimony for the Lord Jesus here at Bethany, to meet the many challenges that we face.

Andy Wilson


The year at Fusion was once again very enjoyable, and it has been a real joy to serve the Lord again as we meet together on a Wednesday Night.

Again we started well with big numbers but this settled down to a core group of children who attended virtually every week.

Leaders this year were Eunice & Lindsay Crockett, Mark Wilson, Wilson and Laura Crawford with Linda Vassie joining us as a new leader. Hannah and Naomi joined us again as Junior Leaders and did the craft each week with the children. They also helped the children learn the various memory verses throughout the year.

We covered a few subjects again this year using the PowerPoint for the pictures to help tell the story. There was also good use made of the "Flannel graph" pictures and characters. Once again it was good to see the children's attention during the stories. We covered some of the stories of Jesus this year and introduced some basic Christian principles.

It was encouraging to hear the children learn the various Memory Verses over the course of the session and at our Parents Night they were able to recite them all who attended. We were so encouraged this year to have each child bring a parent or carer along to the final night and it was great to be able to chat with them at the end.

We value your prayers again for this outreach as the leaders meet to discuss what the next step for Fusion is - Do we send out more flyers to a wider catchment area? Who will come, and who will attend again next year?

We really do benefit from the Lord's guidance in all these matters.

On behalf of the Fusion Club leaders
Eunice & Lindsay Crockett

Incy Wincy Parent and Toddler Group

We started in September with 18 children (and 15 adults) all returning from June. A few children left for nursery at Christmas but since then we have had some new members. At present we have our maximum of 20 children (17 adults).

We have a good mix of ages again with young mums and older foster carers. This year all three volunteers - Jennifer, Mari and Shelia have come regularly to help. Shelia's daughters attend 'Fusion' and the 'Bethany Buds' and we would value your prayers for that family. Please also pray for the Brady family who come from time to time to our Family Service. They too are involved in Fusion and Toddlers and are known to you.

It is wonderful that we continue to forge links with Fusion. Amongst its members are previous toddler children from the neighbourhood and elder siblings of present ones. Please pray for the continuing contact.

We have been delighted to get the use again of our downstairs facilities, after flooding prevented its use. The children are all enjoying the extra space and Art Room.

Story and song time continues as an opportunity to talk of Bible stories and share the good news of Christ. Our Christmas and Easter events were particularly effective.

As always, we are so grateful to those who support us with home baking. Also those who support us faithfully financially. It is much appreciated.

Please continue to pray for our group, with our closing event, Prizegiving in June and new session in September.

Eunice Crockett and Lynn Moss

Sunday School

There is still a need to teach the truth contained in the Bible to the next generation and in addition there is need to encourage children to come along to church. Children's work has to adapt to life in the 21st century, a very different place for many of the leaders than it once was. The work requires planning, preparation and commitment to be successful in communicating the Bible effectively, the one constant for all generations. Those involved in the work this session were Ruth, Mark, Marc, Lynn, Steve, Wilson and Andy.

We aim to explain the scriptures systematically using age suitable materials to support us in the work. Over this session we have used material from Go Teach, work sheets from BES (Bible Educational Services) known by many as the Postal Sunday school. This resource is free, available online to download and print, for which we are very grateful.

We also make use of the slot in the Family Service to teach the children Bible truth. It is important that children learn what being part of a service involves as for some it is a new experience. This can help make the transition from a class setting to listening to speaker in the service. We do value the help from those speakers at the Family Service who give a 'children's talk', that is appreciated not only by the young ones.

We continue to have the special family services at Christmas, Easter and Prizegiving, opportunities that we can use to invite parents, family and friends of the children to attend, listen to the proclamation of the gospel and hopefully to come to faith in the Lord Jesus. Special services offer an opportunity to chat with those who attend, especially when enjoying the refreshments in the café.

Once again we had a Christmas party for the children as usual in the centre, an event enjoyed by one and all that come along. This is a good way to celebrate Christmas.

The Sunday school leaders encourage the children and young people, in particular the older group, to have a time of daily devotion. Reading the Word of God and prayer is necessary for the Christian. We only have short widow of opportunity with the children on a Sunday, so developing an interest in daily reading of the Bible and praying, is a discipline crucial to spiritual development.

Continue to pray for the children, young people and their family circle that the Holy Spirit will move in their lives that they may come to know the Lord Jesus as Saviour. Pray also for the workers as they carry out this influential task.

A Wilson

Growing Christians 2012 - 2013

Growing Christians Girls' Group

Our group is a mix of girls in late teens early twenties. We can have up to six sitting round the table studying the Bible.

By the end of the session the girls group may have completed three Emmaus courses. We completed "The Word of God" which covered the Gospel of John. The study presented Jesus as the Word of God and the things Jesus did. Around Christmas we commenced "The Three Mary's - Devoted Disciples of Jesus". We considered Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary of Bethany and finished the study at Easter with Mary Magdalene. We have now commenced a character study on "Gideon: Mighty Man of Valour"" which we hope to complete by the summer break.

The refreshments at the beginning of the session are an important part of the group. At Christmas we have a dinner that we have in the Bethany Centre and look forward to the end of the session barbeque that we enjoyed last year.

The current group do know Christ as Saviour, please pray that as we study they will continue to be challenged in their faith. That the girls of the group will continue to grow as Believers, in their Christian faith.

Ruth Wilson

Growing Christians Senior Group

'Teach me, O LORD, the way of thy statutes; and I shall keep it [unto] the end. Give me understanding, and I shall keep thy law; yea, I shall observe it with
[my] whole heart.'
Psalm 119

This season has been taken up with two Emmaus courses; Jonah (Meeting the God of the second chance) & Old Testament Law and History. Jonah is always a popular choice to study; the biblical book is concise and full of lessons for all. Our study book has six chapters that on average are 15 pages long, each chapter taking 2-3 weeks to teach. Jonah is a book suitable for all to read, and the Emmaus course would be a good start for anyone wishing to take up an Emmaus course.

Our second study is quite a bit longer, studying the Law and Historical books of the Bible, Genesis through to Esther. It's one of several 'Survey' courses that Emmaus publish. A study of it will give an overview of the book of beginnings, the wilderness wanderings of Israel, their entrance into Canaan, the period of the Judges and Kings.

Every Emmaus course has an exam element to it, and at the end of each chapter the guys will answer the set questions.

Our new study is God's Word is Truth, an Emmaus course written by William MacDonald. This is from the Doctrinal Series and has 12 chapters developing the doctrine of the word of God and giving several lines of evidence for the fact of divine inspiration.

Regular attendees are Marc Campbell, Mark Wilson, Richard & Adam. Every now and then William will also make his presence known. For the last few weeks Gordon and Charlie have attended, we hope that this will continue. Marc Campbell has also taken a few of the lessons, giving Andy and myself a bit of a rest; Adam has also led on one occasion and hopefully will help more in the future.

Grateful thanks can also be given to Ruth and the girls who have provide refreshments, transport etc. & also to Mrs Wilson (Andy's mum) for much needed and appreciated cake.

We would value your prayers for the future and thank you for your help in the past.

Steve and Andy

Prayer Chain Report

other year has come and gone; things have changed but the need for prayer never stops. I sometimes feel the interest has wained as far as prayer goes, every one knows how we need God's help at all times but still try to do everything by ourselves.

The numbers in our prayer group are getting less each year we now number only six. For those faithful prayer partners I give God thanks and thank them all for continued interest.

I have to admit to you all that I myself am finding it more difficult to co-ordinate this on a weekly basis. My eyesight is getting poorer and writing more difficult.

Jim who does all the printing has difficulty in his hands now and is finding it difficult to decipher my scribbles.

We both need a lot of prayer if we are to continue in this small service for the Lord. I am letting you know this now, in case some time soon I have to give up. Meantime I will cast my problem on the Lord and keep trusting.

Girls I ask you to keep praying for our small Church and Fellowship for we certainly need it, to support and help the work of the Lord.

Janette Cunningham
Prayer Chain Co-ordinator
April 2013

Bethany Buds

We started buds in September with seven girls.

The big event for us this session was the Christmas lunch, we were all very excited about this and all came up with good ideas for the event. Each week was spent preparing for the many things that needed to be made. E.g. invitations, presents, table decorations to name a few.

The girls with some guidance decided what we should have for lunch again preparation for the baking again all done by the girls.

The girls all enjoyed making all the necessary things and put a lot of effort in.

After Christmas we were joined by Amy a young girl from Johnstone, this bringing the numbers to eight. The girls enjoyed crafts in the last part of our session, we tie-dye t shirts, making key rings for mothers' day, and colouring crosses for Easter.

The spiritual side of buds we looked all different types of relationship and what the bible said about each, we then made posters which are displayed in the Bethany Centre.

We continued with our prayer books at the girl's request, each week we would ask each other for prayer. The most common was pray for school test. The girls spent a lot of time over prayer request, the following week we would speak about prayers that had or had not been answered. We explained to the girls that sometimes we have to continue in pray for things as God does not always give an answer straight away sometime we have to wait, even God can say no, it is still an answer.

Both Eunice and I are encouraged by the girls and their growth over the past year.

We would ask that you would pray for Eunice and I as we ourselves pray about the direction for buds in the coming year.

Eunice Crockett and Linda Vassie

Paisley & District Christian Youth Camp

1 Peter 1:3
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ

For the first time Camp headed to Blaithwaite House in Cumbria after six years at Whittaugh Park. The leaders were left with the challenge of organising camp at a new venue with a new timetable. However during the week we were able to praise God for his answered prayers.

The mornings and afternoons consisted of activities such as crafts, BMX biking, outdoor ropes, gorge walking, archery, mountain biking and many more. The activities at Blaithwaite were enjoyed by all the campers as well as leaders as it gave a freshness and new feel to old activities. Evening activities included a Sports Night, 'Minute to win it', a Quiz Night and an 'Ancient Olympic Party' on the last night. We also had a day trip to Keswick with God answering our prayers for dry weather, which allowed everyone to enjoy exploring Keswick.

However the most important part of camp is the services, with the format for the services including; singing, memory verse, Bible story and finally the quiz. Unlike our time at Whittaugh, the services were held in the early evening, with devotions held after the evening games. Iain Cunningham was the speaker for Camp 2012. Iain gave stories during the week that were based on the disciple Peter, which were enjoyed by all the campers.

However the work for Camp 2013 has already started with leaders meetings being held throughout the year to prepare for camp and to also organise events such as the Camp New Year party, an evening trip to Lapwing Lodge in May and the Camp Coffee Night in June. These evenings are important for campers and parents to get an idea of what Camp is like before it finally happens in the summer. Your prayers for the camp, both during camp and also throughout the rest of the year when the organisation and planning for camp is being done are much needed and appreciated.

For this year's camp we will be again returning to Blaithwaite House in Cumbria. Gordon McCracken, who has regularly spoken at Bethany over the years, will be coming as the camp speaker for the first time. The leaders would ask you to pray for Gordon as he gives God's message to the campers, whether it is to the Christian campers or campers who have never made a profession of faith and also that God would bless the week at camp and that his presence would be felt throughout the week.

On behalf of Camp leaders,

Mark Wilson