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Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

Proverbs 16 v 3

Secretary's Report

A year is a long time in church life, on reflection it may appear to pass by quickly there is though much that happens in the remembrance and service of the Lord Jesus Christ. Hopefully when we stand back and look there is evidence of the hand of God moving and blessing in the lives of the believers and all those who come along.

In June 2013 we had an outing to Moffat that proved to be a great success when all who travelled on the coach enjoyed their visit to the town, a popular stop for the P&D CYC. The children enjoyed their visit to the park having a great time on the boats that were readily available more than likely because of the inclement weather. The day was rounded off with a supper tea back at the Bethany when others were able to join.

After many years in fellowship at Bethany, Betty Purse moved to Auchlochan Village, Lanarkshire. This move has been beneficial for Betty although we do miss her after her attendance and involvement serving the Lord in Paisley, we do wish her God's blessing.

In March 2014 Hugh Wallace passed away at Erskine Hospital and although unable to attend in recent times is missed by all at Bethany. The Thanksgiving Service was a fitting tribute to Hugh who loved to sing praises to His Lord and Saviour. We do remember Wilmar at this time.

In September 2013 Hannah and Naomi Crockett were baptised with many friends and family coming along. It was also good to assist the friends at Dimity Street, Johnstone for baptisms during the year.

We continue to proclaim the Word of God in an ever changing society that requires us to use all the wisdom of God we learn in the Scriptures. The need to reach out with the gospel has never been so necessary and to this end we strive to do this effectively. To assist in this we distributed 500 calendars to local houses and business receiving a good reaction. The web site has once again proved to be a blessing and is featured in this year's reports.

I would once again like to thank everyone who contributed in the Lord's work at Bethany, particularly those who do the unnoticed tasks. The activities of the assembly need people who are committed and faithful to the Lord Jesus. Whether involved in the regular services, activities or events such as the Jairah Funds Coffee Morning.

We look forward in faith to continue our testimony for the Lord Jesus here at Bethany, to meet the many challenges that we face.

Andy Wilson

Sunday School Report

The need to effectively teach the Word of God to the next generation has never been so crucial. The Bible stories have to be taught as Bible truth that has a bearing on the life of the child. There has to be a connection with the Bible story they hear on Sunday with the rest of their life especially in the sceptical age that we live in now. There is only a short time that we have with the children who come along to church, to teach them the Word of God as some of them do not have the benefit of input from the family to teach them the scriptures on a daily basis.

Often Christians from other churches and even some of the speakers who come along to Bethany have mentioned the difficulty in establishing and maintaining a children's work. A fact that is of great concern to all involved in proclaiming the gospel as most people come to faith in Christ when they are young.

It Is encouraging to have children come along on a Sunday to the Family Service and Sunday school, we are grateful for the help of the assembly that makes this possible. It is good to have new children come along and enjoy the experience and come back regularly. It will take time for the young ones time to settle in to a church environment but it is worthwhile being patient and faithful. We have a responsibility to look after all the children who come along, each child is very important to God. We continue to pray and invite other children to join with us on Sunday.

Over the last year we have continued to explain the scriptures systematically using age suitable materials to support us in the work. Over this session we have used material from Go Teach, we also use resources from Answers In Genesis work sheets from BES (Bible Educational Services) known by many as the Postal Sunday school. This resource is free, available online to download and print, for which we are very grateful.

It is important that children learn what being part of a service involves as for some it is a new experience so we make use of the slot in the Family Service to teach the children Bible truth. Helping children make the transition from a class setting to listening to a speaker in the service. The 'children's talk' at the Family Service is part of the process, that is appreciated not only by the young ones. We do value the help from those speakers who help out.

Once again we had a Christmas party for the children as usual in the centre, an event enjoyed by one and all that come along.

Those involved in the work this session were Ruth, Lynn, Steve, Wilson and Andy. Mark Wilson and Marc Campbell are now involved in the Bible Class.

A. Wilson

Bethany On-line

Screen capture of Bethany web site

Bethany's website has been going for over seven years. It has changed and evolved over the years and has had several makeovers to make it attractive and appealing for viewers. Many of the pages are static in that they describe established and ongoing activities in the church but others are dynamic and change on a regular basis, for example, the monthly update goes on line. Special events, like the recent coffee morning in aid of Jairah Funds can be added quickly to the site and help a little towards publicity.

A big part of the website is the weekly sermons which are available for downloading in Mp3 format. This has become both a record and a worthy resource for church members and are freely available for anyone to listen to and benefit from the teaching.

Several of the pages have 'hit counters' which give an indication of how many times the page has been visited, the main welcome page has had over 10,000 hits. We're not Amazon, buy this is a significant number - which should offer encouragement that there is interest in the church and in its message.

It is a 24/7, 365 days a year avenue for people searching for a church or looking for more information on the Christian message. It's good to know that Bethany has a home and presence in the World Wide Web.

G Vassie

Mission Focus

The great commission in the gospel along with endeavours of the Apostles teach us the importance of mission work. It is our responsibility to take the gospel to the peoples and nations, effectively communicating that message and praying effectively for the seed sown.

In the last year at Bethany we have covered a wide range of mission work featuring work in countries and with different organisations.

We had a report from Graeme Cunningham on his trip to Zambia to visit Ian and Marilyn Campbell. There was a return visit from Allan & Anne Kitt to update us on the work in Le Harve.

Nigel Kenny gave us an introduction of the Christian Institute from a Scottish perspective. This is very relevant as well as a topical ministry. There is legislation that goes through parliaments in both Edinburgh and London that has an impact on Christians and Churches, so it is important to be aware of current affairs.

We had an update on the work of the Gideon's from Duncan Harvey, with an interesting DVD presentation of the outcome of the distribution of Bibles, lives changed through faith and trust in Christ.

We also appreciated a report of SAT 7 by Alistair Lochhead. This is a ministry that seeks to broadcast the gospel to countries that do not allow missionaries to come and share God's Word.

Mark Wilson brought a report of the work of Jairah Funds, the work of the office in Glasgow and how they assist in India, Brazil and Bolivia.

There were also features on countries that we don't know much about such as Syria, North Korea, India, Albania, and Belgium. There is a vast contrast in these nations and even persecution for some Christians.

We also looked at the contemporary challenges in world mission, the global shift of the church west to east and north to south. We also considered the impact of other religions on Christianity and the need to re-evangelise Europe.

Our mission focus in the year ahead will include reports from John Aitken, Operations Director, Echoes of Service and Alan Park on the work of Brass Tacks.

A Wilson

Paisley & District Christian Youth Camp

Romans 10 V 13 -
"Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

Once again Camp headed to Blaithwaite House in Cumbria. This was our second year at Blaithwaite as the leaders continued to get used to the venue. One of the defining moments was the weather! Leaders and Campers were able to enjoy five days of sunshine which has been an unfamiliar experience compared to previous years.

The mornings and afternoons consisted of activities such as Crafts, Bouldering, Go Karting, Kayaking, Abseiling, Rock Climbing and many more. We also had our day trip to Carlisle, which allowed the campers to go shopping, bowling and swimming. There were also special themed evenings each night back at Blaithwaite for the campers to enjoy.

However the services are always the main focus, with the format for the services including; singing, memory verse, story and the quiz. Gordon McCracken was the speaker for Camp. Gordon was enjoyed by campers and leaders as he used a variation of puppets, tricks and stories to give a clear gospel message. Devotions also played a big part at camp, as it allows discussions with campers in a smaller environment. Gordon was able to lead the older campers in their devotions. While it is always good for campers to enjoy a Christian environment for a week, often the weeks after camp are just as important. This was clearly seen after Camp, that the campers had been challenged by God's message, with two campers trusting the Lord and four asking to be baptised. We thank God for his answered prayers.

However the work for Camp 2014 has already started with leaders meetings being held throughout the year to prepare for camp and to also organise events such as the Camp New Year party, an evening trip to Lapwing Lodge in May and the Camp Coffee Night in June. For Bethany, camp this year has the extra excitement of ten children from the Sunday school and Fusion coming along to camp, with many of them first time campers. We pray that these children can be challenged and also enjoy the experience of camp.

For this year's camp we will be again returning to Blaithwaite. Alasdair Young, will be coming as the camp speaker. The leaders would ask you to pray for Alasdair as he gives God's message to the campers, whether it is to the Christian campers or campers who have never made a profession of faith and also that God would bless the week at camp and that his presence would be felt throughout the week.

On behalf of Camp leaders,

Mark Wilson

Fusion Report 2013/2014

The year at Fusion was once again very enjoyable, and it has been a real joy to serve the Lord as we meet together on a Wednesday Night. We have a time of prayer prior to the club starting each week to seek God's help in all the various things that will take place and all who will be involved, never forgetting that it is God who is the centre of everything that Fusion is all about.

Again we started well with big numbers and this settled down to a core group of children who attended virtually every week. It was with sadness at Christmas time to say goodbye to two of the children who moved house. They had been faithful attendees at Fusion for the previous two years.

Leaders this year were Eunice, Lindsay, Hannah & Naomi Crockett, Mark Wilson and Linda Vassie, with Marc Campbell and Pamela Scott joining us as new leaders. Richard Dunne helped for some of the session but due to commitments in training courses throughout the year was unable to make it every week. Thank you to all involved for your commitment, hard work and preparation each week doing the various aspects; from the games to the quiz, the craft and the memory verses to telling the story each week.

We covered a few subjects again this year using the PowerPoint for the pictures to help tell the story. There was also good use made of the "Flannel graph" pictures and characters. Once again it was good to see the children's attention during the stories. We covered the Bible stories of Daniel, Jonah, Esther, Christmas, Easter and parables Jesus told. We used flash cards to tell the story of Amy Carmichael - unknown to us Bethany did the DVD series at exactly the same time which was interesting. This year we mixed the quiz up a little with Leaders questions also being answered - so everyone had to listen carefully as Eunice sometimes only gave the piece of information once.

We were so encouraged this year to again have each child bring a parent or carer along to the final night and it was great to be able to chat with them at the end. The children were able to recite the Memory verses that they had learned over the session and also to sing "Jesus Love Me, this I know" which was synonymous with Amy Carmichael.

We have a couple of Summer activities planned to keep up the contact with the children. Also, two of the girls from Fusion are coming to our Summer Camp. Please pray for Eilidh and Abbie as they join with us. This year we have also seen Joanne joining the Sunday School in Bethany after coming to Fusion.

We value your prayers again for this outreach as the leaders meet to discuss what the next step for Fusion is. We need to keep thing fresh and interesting. The stories have to be simple to understand as we are reaching a generation who know nothing of the truths found in the Bible.

We really do benefit from the Lord's guidance in all these matters.

On behalf of the Fusion leaders

Lindsay and Eunice Crockett

Growing Christians 2013 - 2014


Another year has gone by, and it is to be hoped that we are all a little wiser, especially in the knowledge of the Word of God. Appropriately enough the study that we started the season with was called 'God's Word Is truth'. This was an Emmaus Course in the doctrinal series, generally giving proofs of Bible Inspiration such as its own testimony concerning it being The Word of God, The Bibles internal unity, Fulfilled Prophecy, Historical Accuracy, The life and witness of Jesus and the Plan of salvation.

Andrew, Marc, Adam & Steve are all now sharing in the leading of the studies, this will give us a variety of presentation skills and approaches which is welcome to all and helps maintain interest. Mark Wilson and Richard Dunne are regular in attendance and help move the discussion in useful directions, each contributing insight and experiences into the evening's topic.

William Hedderwick also attends when he can, enlivening debate with his unique contribution, always good to have him along.

After finishing 'God's Word is Truth' we moved onto a character study produces by ECS. There are a three to choose from, Joseph, Gideon & John the Baptist. We chose to study Joseph on this occasion. The book is subtitled 'A life of virtue'. There are 12 chapters covering this most fascinating of characters and Bible Stories. It is one of the most dramatic in the Bible, many Sermons have been preached and many books written about the life and experience of Joseph. We have spent a long time over each chapter trying to learn all the lessons we can. At the end of each chapter there is a section called 'Points to ponder', these have been useful in focussing our thoughts on various aspects of the Joseph narratives and have proven useful in our studies. We still have 4 Chapters to go before we finish the book and move onto something new, so at least 10 weeks work.

Many thanks to all who help in prayer for the group, thanks to Ruth, those who tidy up after the Tea & Coffee & Mrs Wilson for the Pancakes.

Please keep praying for us, especially for guidance over the next study.

Steve and Andy

Growing Christians Girls Group

There is a mix of girls in late teens to early twenties in the group. We can have up to six sitting round the table studying the Bible when other commitments enable the girls to attend.

When the session concludes in June the girls group will have completed two Emmaus courses. We completed the course on "Gideon Mighty Man of Valour" which covered one of the best known Bible characters, one of the Judges in the Old Testament. The current study is on Joseph one of the most outstanding characters in the Bible with many chapters in Genesis devoted to him. Indeed Joseph reminds us of the Lord Jesus Christ. Both character studies have been challenging as well as thought provoking and I trust will have blessed us all.

A time for a chat, some home baking and a cup tea (prepared superbly well by the boys) at the beginning of the session are a central part of the group. We have a dinner at Christmas that is held in the Bethany Centre and look forward to the end of the session barbeque that is enjoyed by everyone.

The current group do know Christ as Saviour, please pray that as we study they will continue to be strengthened in their faith. Pray also that all of the girls in the group will continue to grow as Believers, in their faith in the Lord.

Thanks to Pamela who will close in prayer and has also led some of the sessions.

Ruth Wilson

Incy Wincy Parent and Toddler Group

How quickly the year seems to have gone since we started last September! Our numbers started small and we have grown to 16 children including several new members, we also had visits from adults of previous years who seem keen to stay in touch.

We have a couple of Dads this session, one of whom attended camp and was known to Eunice then.

Our Foster Carers no longer have toddlers but have older children involved in Fusion.

Sheila is not so free to help now as she is bringing the children that she is child minding, but we are so grateful that Jennifer and Mari still come to help. Please pray for them both but especially Jennifer who has health issues. From September we started our Bible Stories at Creation and focused on The Old Testament until Christmas. Since then we have told stories about Jesus.

As in previous years we suspect that it is not only the little ones who are hearing these stories for the first time! Please pray as we try to present The Gospel in a clear and simple fashion each week. Also pray for our closing event and Prize Giving in June.

Once again we are very thankful to those who support our work with prayer, home baking and financial gifts. It means a lot to us to know that you are with us in this work for Our Lord.

Eunice Crockett & Lynn Moss
April 2014

Bethany Buds

Bethany Buds logo

Once again, we have had a good year at Bethany Buds.

The numbers have stayed at a consistence level of 9 girls coming from Bethany, Kilnside, Renfrew and Johnstone. The girls, again, very much enjoyed craft work organised by Linda and we tried different activities this session - sewing, making advent calendars, Christmas stockings and pillows, pixel art. They also really enjoyed "Come Dine with Us" as adapted from the TV show and a team of girls organised everything from the food, to the entertainment, decorations etc. It was really well done from all involved.

At Christmas time we went to the Kings Theatre to see Aladdin which was hilarious. We all travelled on the underground then walked as a big group. What a noise we made.

This year we took Bethany Buds out on the road and visited a couple of people from Bethany who kindly opened their homes to us. We brought the cakes and the games and had a thoroughly great time.

It was good to see many of the parents at the Christmas service where the Bethany Buds were taking part, although some were involved at their own churches.

Our final night was held in the Lounge. This year we decided on something different from previous years with permission to have a "Sleep Over". Everyone brought their duvets and pillows and a great night of enjoyment was had by all. From the chicken curry to the games, the late night movie and talking to the big fry up for breakfast the next morning.

This year our bible study has centred on focusing on learning the books of the Old Testament and the main truths, facts of the Bible and using their Bibles effectively. We went over a Bible story, then had a quiz based on it - the girls having read it beforehand for their homework ! Each week we asked for specific prayer points to them and encouraged the girls to pray for each other as they walked to school.

Please pray for Bethany Buds as we again look to the Lord for guidance for next year. What subjects will we do? How do we keep it relevant for the girls who come? Two of the girls who have now reached 16 feel it is time to move on. Please pray for this change to the dynamics.

Thank you for your support once again.

Eunice Crockett and Linda Vassie

Bible Class

The Bible class started in September 2013 with the aim of providing a bible study for teenagers getting too old for Sunday school but still requiring the need to grow as young Christians. The average attendance for the bible class for the year has been between five and six. Material used this year has been courses from Emmaus Bible School, including two courses; What the Bible Teaches and the Christian Life. These books/courses comprise of 12 lessons each.

What the Bible Teaches laid an important foundation of what it means to be a Christian, with chapters covering the importance of God, Sin, New Birth, Grace and Salvation. The Christian Life has been the second course taken by the Bible Class and the book challenges the readers on the importance of growing as a Christian. The Christian Life shows the importance of reading your bible, prayer and the Church have in helping a 'young' Christian in growing in their faith.

The format of the Bible Class consists of around 30 minutes. The class read through each chapter as well as having discussion as a group about important issues raised by the chapter. There is a PowerPoint used to further highlight the important points. The class finishes with a multiple choice quiz and then a prayer.

Throughout the year, there have also been breaks in which relevant DVDs for young Christians have been shown, in order to provide a varied programme. Please pray as we continue to look out for Christian youth DVDs that can be challenging for all who watch.

A common problem is no matter how successful a Sunday school class seems to be going; each year is always different, with the class getting older and spiritual needs ever-changing. This summer will be an important year for those who attend the bible class, with a number leaving High School. Do we keep to the same format for one more year or is there a need to change and adapt things? As the first year of the bible class comes to an end, please pray for continual guidance for the leaders in how to move forward.

Marc Campbell
Mark Wilson


Aqua is a Sunday night youth group organised by Christians from Dimity Street and Bethany Church under the guidance of Graeme and Llinos Burt from Johnstone. Leaders for Aqua include David and Laura Wilson, Joanne and Rachel Sneddon, Marc Campbell and Mark Wilson. Attendance averages around 10-14 each Sunday, with teenagers aged S3+ from Dimity, Bethany and Renfrew meeting together. It is important for young Christians to meet together and to be able encourage each other in their Christian faith.

Aqua runs on a Sunday night between 8pm-9.30pm. Each month there is usually a variation of different themes for different weeks including; a night focused on prayer, a bible study on the disciples, and a night with a local speaker/missionary.

Special nights out in the last year have included fireworks night and progressive dinner in November and Interlink YF in March.

Please pray for another successful session for Aqua, with a number of teenagers old enough to come to Aqua as they move into S3. And that those attending Aqua can continue to come and grow as Christians.

On behalf of the Aqua leaders,

Mark Wilson