Report 2015

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

Proverbs 16 v 3

Secretary's Report

Once again it is time for consideration of a year in the life of Bethany, for some of the occasions and events that have taken place in our witness and testimony in service of the Lord Jesus Christ. We give God thanks for help in all we have done in His service in and seek His blessing on all that has been achieved.

In January we had arranged some special meetings when we invited Bobby Jack who was home on furlough from Argentina, to give teaching on the Tabernacle. There was a model of the tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant on display as to illustrate the teaching. The ministry was good as was the response from other local assemblies to come along.

It is important to note that not everyone associated with us at Bethany is able to attend the meetings as they would like and it is encouraging that some are able to come along despite failing health in advancing years.

It was good to be able to host some baptisms during the year for the friends from Dimity Street, making use of facilities here. It is good to see a Christian being baptised, particularly when family and friends come along to witness the event.

To assist in the proclamation of the Word of God in an ever changing society that is getting more difficult to witness to, we once distributed calendars to local houses and business receiving a good reaction. We also had a leaflet distribution with invitations to the Easter Family Service and the Creation Conference. The web site has once again proved to be a blessing and is featured in this year's reports. The Emmaus work continues with some courses being given out in addition to the work at Growing Christians.

In April we held a Creation Conference with special speaker Nagy Iskander form East Kilbride. The purpose of the conference was to equip the believer to be able to defend their faith and the non-believer to be challenged by the claims of Christ on their life. The response was very encouraging after invitations to other assemblies, leaflet distribution, on line promotion and personal invites.

I would once again like to thank everyone who contributed in the Lord's work at Bethany, particularly those who do the unnoticed tasks. The work of the assembly requires those who are dedicated and faithful to the Lord Jesus. Whether involved in the regular services, activities or special events.

We look forward in faith to carry on our testimony for the Lord Jesus here at Bethany in the declaring of the Word of God. .

Andy Wilson

Sunday School Report

It is heartening that some children come along on a Sunday to the Family Service and Sunday school, we are grateful for the help of the assembly that makes this possible. We would encourage other children to come along and enjoy the experience and come back regularly. It takes time for the young ones to settle in to a church environment but it is important that they do enjoy the experience. There is a responsibility for us to adhere to regulations and follow all the relevant procedures currently in place. This we do and it is beneficial to all concerned, to parents and ourselves.

We must teach the Word of God effectively to the next generation and this has never been as crucial as it is today.. The Bible stories must always be taught as Bible truth to make the appropriate impact on the life of the child. The Bible story they hear on Sunday must have a connection for the children in the rest of their life particularly in the disbelieving times that we live in now. There is only a limited time that we have with the children who come along to church, to explain to them the Word of God as many of them do not have the advantage of participation from the family to teach them the scriptures on a daily basis.

We are only to well aware of the difficulty in establishing and maintaining a children's work. It is of great importance that a work crucial in proclaiming the gospel continues as many come to faith in Christ when they are young.

We have continued to explain the scriptures during the last year systematically using appropriate materials to assist us in the task. During the session we have used Children's Bible, we also use resources from Answers in Genesis and from Day One Publications. These resources are useful and we are grateful for them.

Children need to be introduced to being part of a service and for some it is whole new experience so we make use of the slot in the Family Service to teach the children Bible truth. This in the long term will enable children to make the change from a class setting to listening to a speaker in the service. The 'children's talk' at the Family Service is part of the process. We do appreciate the help from those speakers and others who contribute in this way.

The Christmas party for the children was held as usual in the centre, this much anticipated event is appreciated by all that come along.

Those involved in the work this session were Ruth, Lynn, Pamela, Wilson, Rebecca and Andy. Steve stepped down after many years involved in the work and we thank him for his involvement.

A. Wilson

Bethany On-line

Bethany’s website has been on line for over eight years. It is a combination of static, information only pages, and dynamic ‘what’s on’ and special events updates. A significant part of the website is the weekly sermons which are available for downloading in Mp3 format. This is both a record and a resource for both church members and any web site visitors who wish to listen and benefit from the teaching. Often the sermons are accompanied by PowerPoint presentations or other notes, which enhance the listening experience. There can be occasions where the attendance at, for example, an evening service is low, and I am sure that the speaker can take comfort that their efforts, put into the preparation and delivery of a sermon, benefits not just those who attend but later when the sermons are downloaded from the internet.

Last year it was noted that the ‘hit counter’ had reached 20,000 hits and this provided a blessing that the web site was being accessed and could justify the costs to keep the site on line and regularly updated. The web page is a 24/7, 365 days a year avenue for people searching for a church or looking for more information on the Christian message, and, as stated earlier, a valuable resource for those seeking to hear the message through the many and varied sermons freely available to all.

web info #1

web info #2

web info #3

G Vassie

Mission Focus

In the last year at Bethany we have covered a wide range of mission work featuring work in countries and with different organisations.

Mission Focus looked at the work of Friends International, who reach out to students who come to Paisley and English is not their first language. Kathleen Herd and her daughter Karen, who gives a day and half each to the work, are involved in the work at UWS, in the Paisley Campus. They form friendships and offer hospitality with the aim of sharing something of their faith in the Lord Jesus. Please pray that God will bless the work that Kathleen and Karen are engaged in.

We had a visit from Alan Park who was told us something of the work of Brass Tacks. Alan and Shelia are involved in this world wide ministry that brings practical support to missionaries and communities. It was good to find out about their trip to Zambia.

Mark Wilson continued to update us on the work of the work of Jairah Funds, featuring the work in Ghana.

We also looked at the work of Emmaus UK, when we had a visit from John Heron, one of the Trustees. He was able to give as update of the work in the UK in some of the Centres that distribute and mark the Bible courses. John also told us about a trip to Eastern Europe, countries such as Romania and Bulgaria where the work has been greatly blessed. Please continue to pray that God will continue to bless the distribution and study of the Bible courses, particularly for those at Bethany.

Another feature was the work of the Radio Outreach that Bill Coates is now responsible for, broadcasting the gospel from the Lake District. Bill along with the production team produces a weekly 30 minute programme that is broadcast all over the world. Have a listen online for yourself and be blessed.

We had a report from John Aitken, Operations Director, Echoes of Service on a visit to Angola. Bobby Jack gave a report on Argentina where God has blessed despite the difficult circumstances.

There was a return visit from Allan & Anne Kitt to update us on the work in Le Harve as they continue to make progress and are not being deterred by any plans for retiring.

A Wilson

Paisley & District Christian Youth Camp

Psalm 23 -
"The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not be in want"

Once again Camp headed to Blaithwaite House in Cumbria. This was our third and final year at Blaithwaite.

The mornings and afternoons consisted of activities such as Crafts, Outdoor Games, Archery, Mountain Biking and many more. We also had our day trip to Keswick, despite poor weather the campers were able to go shopping, swimming and visit the local indoor attractions. There were also special themed evenings each night back at Blaithwaite for the campers to enjoy, including a Scottish themed party on the last night.

However the services are always the main focus of camp, with the format for the services including; singing, memory verse, story and the quiz. Alasdair Young was the speaker for Camp. Alasdair was enjoyed by the campers and was joined by Jeremy who was enjoyed by both campers and leaders. Alasdair also used his painting skills to give a clear gospel message. Devotions also played a big part at camp, as it allows discussions with campers in a smaller environment with their leaders. Alasdair was able to lead the older campers in their devotions.

However the work for Camp 2015 has already started, with leaders meetings being held throughout the year to prepare for camp and to also organise events such as the Camp New Year party, an evening trip to Lapwing Lodge in May and the Camp Coffee Night in June. From Bethany, there are number of kids coming from the Sunday School, Fusion and Bethany Buds. We pray that these children can be challenged and also enjoy the experience of camp.

For this year's camp we will be heading to a new venue, Bassenfell Manor Christian Centre in the Lake District. Heading to a new venue always provides new challenges, as leaders are unaware of the small details for organising games, food and services. However we pray that the new venue will provide a new freshness that will be enjoyed by the campers and that the leader's individual prayers will be answered. Iain Cunningham, will be coming as the camp speaker. The leaders would ask you to pray for Iain as he gives God's message to the campers, whether it is to the Christian campers or campers who have never made a profession of faith and also that God would bless the week at camp and that his presence would be felt throughout the week.

On behalf of Camp leaders,

Mark Wilson

Fusion Report 2014/2015

The year at Fusion was once again very enjoyable, and it has been a real joy to serve the Lord as we meet together on a Wednesday Night. Before starting each week we had various big games like Jenga, Connect Four, colouring in etc (You may see various designs on the doors in the Centre).

We started back this year with a core group of children who attended virtually every week. In the New Year one of the girls brought a friend, who then brought her friend so numbers grew by the end of the session.

Leaders this year were Eunice, Lindsay, Hannah & Naomi Crockett, Mark Wilson, Linda Vassie, Marc Campbell and Pamela Scott. Thank you to all involved for your commitment, hard work and preparation each week doing the various aspects; from the games to the quiz, the craft and the memory verses to telling the story each week.

Once again it was good to see the children's attention during the stories. We covered the Bible stories of Moses (Red Sea to 10 Commandments), Famous battles, Bathsheba, Hannah, Rahab, Mary Magdalene, Mary & Martha, Christmas, Easter amongst others. The Missionary we chose to tell this year was Hudson Taylor. One of the young girls is an avid reader, so we were able to give her the book on Hudson Taylor's life as her prize - she started reading it there and then.

We were so encouraged this year to again have each child bring a parent or carer along to the final night and it was great to be able to chat with them at the end. The children this year performed using puppets, acting and singing to illustrate the stories we had covered. 2 younger siblings came along for parents Night who hope to join with us when we start back up in September.

We have a couple of Summer activities planned to keep up the contact with the children. Also, two of the girls from Fusion are coming to our Summer Camp. Please pray for Eilidh and Mia as they join with us.

We value your prayers again for this outreach as the leaders meet to discuss what the next step for Fusion is. We need to keep things fresh and interesting. The stories have to be simple to understand as we are reaching a generation who know nothing of the truths found in the Bible. Also, with the uncertainty of Eunice's ward potentially moving to the Southern General, we do not know how the dynamics of Fusion may have to change. Please pray for this situation.

We wish Marc and Pamela every blessing as they get married in September.

On behalf of the Fusion leaders

Lindsay and Eunice Crockett

Growing Christians Senior Group

There are three character study produced by ECS to choose from, Joseph, Gideon & John the Baptist. Having chosen to study Joseph, the book is subtitled 'A life of virtue', covering one of the most dramatic and most fascinating characters in the Bible. Many Sermons have been preached and many books written about the life and experience of Joseph. The section called 'Points to ponder', these have been useful in focussing our thoughts on various aspects of the Joseph narratives and have proven useful in our studies. We completed the final four Chapters this session taking about two weeks per chapter.

The next study we have embarked on in the ECS Doctrinal series, Christ Loved the Church. The book covers what is meant by "the church" in the New Testament. Looking at questions such as, What is God's view of the church? How was it originally structured and organised? How should it fit into today's society?

This session Marc, Richard, Mark, William, Steve and Andy have been meeting on a Thursday evening to study and discuss. We have missed Adam since he went down south to further his studies, as he was a valued contributor to the group. Please continue to pray us for the as we continue our studies.

Steve and Andy

Growing Christians Girls' Group

This session the girls group has welcomed Hannah and Naomi, joining Pamela and Rebecca, making five, including Ruth, who regularly sit around the table on Thursday evening to study the course in the Christian Living Series , "The Women who pleases God". By examining Bible passages, we have looked at a variety of Bible characters. We have covered the virtuous women and considered how Jesus regarded women. In regards to everyday life we have looked at the impact Christian women have within the family, community, work, church and mission field. This has been a thought provoking study of the Word of God, looking at all seasons of a Christian women's life.

The current group do know Christ as Saviour, please pray that as we study they will continue to be strengthened in their faith. Pray also that all of the girls in the group will continue to grow as Believers, in their faith in the Lord.

Both groups enjoy tea and cakes on Thursday evening before we study. We also have a dinner at Christmas that is held in the Bethany Centre and at the end of the session a barbeque that is enjoyed by everyone.

Ruth Wilson

Incy Wincy Parent and Toddler Group

We started off last September with only 9 adults and 9 children. By Christmas this had grown to 14 adults and 14 children. We now have 16 children and 5 of these are new to the group this session.

It is always a privilege to share our faith with new mums and grandmas as we explain stories from the Children's Bible. Christmas and Easter are special times at the group, as we can focus on our Lords birth, death, and resurrection. As always, we suspect that these truths are new to some of the younger mums!

Jennifer D has not been so regularly in helping this year due to ill health. Mari L is still faithful and always keen to help in the kitchen. We are delighted to have Hannah Crockett join our small team this session. She has been a great success with both adults and toddlers and a willing worker.

Yet again, we want to end by thanking those who support us with home baking, financial gifts and prayers. It is very much appreciated and we couldn't manage without you!

Please pray for our closing event in June and issues regarding restarting in September.

Eunice Crockett & Lynn Moss
April 2015

Bethany Buds

Bethany Buds logo

Once again, we have had a good year at Bethany Buds.

The numbers went down to 4 girls this year coming from Bethany and Renfrew. The girls, again, very much enjoyed craft work organised by Linda after consultation with what the girls would like to do. One of the other activities they all enjoy is when we have our baking nights. We are all going to meet up just prior to Camp so that we can make some goodies for taking away with us. Food is one thing that the girls really enjoy and there is never anything left at Supper Time!

This year our bible study firstly centred on the book of Esther and the main truths, they then wanted to do a Missionary so we went for Gladys Aylward. We watched the film that was made about her and spotted what really happened in her life to how Hollywood had adapted and embellished it. Each week we asked for specific prayer points from them and encouraged the girls to pray for each other as they walked to school. The girls took it in turns to close in prayer each might.

Our final night was held in the Lounge. We opted again to have a "Sleep Over". The girls said that they wanted to go swimming so we did this first. Everyone brought their duvets and pillows and a great night of enjoyment was had by all. From the McDonalds to the games, the late night movie and talking to the big fry up for breakfast the next morning.

Please pray for Bethany Buds as we again look to the Lord for guidance for next year. With numbers dwindling, we have asked the girls if they want to continue with it each week and it was a resounding yes. They have become really close friends and they are all going to Camp this year. Please pray for Kirsty, who is not a Christian that perhaps something said or heard at camp would really impact on her young life and what she has learned through Bethany Buds.

Thank you for your support once again.

Eunice Crockett and Linda Vassie

Bible Class

The Bible class continued in September 2014 with the aim of providing a bible study for teenagers that are too old for Sunday school but still requiring the need to grow as young Christians. The average attendance for the bible class for the year has been between five and six. Material used this year has been courses from Emmaus Bible School, including two courses; The Gospel of Mark - The Servant of God and The Bible What's in it for you? These books/courses comprise of twelve lessons each.

The group began to study The Servant of God at the beginning of October which focused on the Gospel of Mark. It was a rewarding experience for all involved as we all were able to study an entire book of the bible. Using the course as a platform, the group were able to discuss and debate teachings from the gospel while learning about passages from Mark that were not covered during their years at Sunday School. Currently the group have started their next course - The Bible What's in it for you? This course looks at the importance of the bible and its reliability.

Throughout the year, there have also been breaks in which relevant DVD s for young Christians have been shown, in order to provide a varied programme. Please pray as we continue to look out for Christian youth DVD s that can be challenging for all who watch.

The format of the Bible Class consists of around 30 minutes. The class read through each chapter as well as having discussion as a group about important issues raised by the chapter. There is a PowerPoint used to further highlight the important points. The class finishes with a true or false quiz and then a prayer.

After two successful years thanks to answered prayer, it is important to continue to look ahead for God's guidance, rather than enjoy the past. Due to the growing age of the group it has been decided not to continue the bible class in its current format but instead see a progression into the family service. However the Emmaus courses and the group study environment still remains popular and it is hoped that it can continue whether through Growing Christians or another time. Please pray for guidance over this matter.

Marc Campbell
Mark Wilson


Aqua is a Sunday night Christian youth group organised by Christians from Dimity Street and Bethany. Leaders for Aqua include David and Laura Wilson, Joanne and Rachel Sneddon, Pamela Scott, Marc Campbell and Mark Wilson.

Aqua runs on a Sunday night between 8pm-9.30pm. Each month there is usually a variation of different themes for different weeks including; a night focused on prayer, a themed study on an important issue, and a night with a local speaker/missionary. Highlights of the year have been the visit of Bobby and Isobel Jack as we learned of their missionary work in Argentina and a DVD series of the Gospel of Mark which looked at key issues from the book.

Attendance averages around 10-15 each Sunday, with teenagers aged S3+ from Dimity, Bethany and Renfrew meeting together. It is important for young Christians to meet together and to be able encourage each other in their Christian faith. Special nights out in the last year have included a DVD night in November, attending 'Jesus Viral' youth event organised by GLO and Interlink YF in March at Linwood.

Please pray for another successful session for Aqua, with a number of teenagers old enough to come to Aqua as they move into S3. And that those attending Aqua can continue to come and grow as Christians.

On behalf of the Aqua leaders,

Mark Wilson

A Sign of the Times

No one can help but notice the recent additions to the main church hall - the large friendly looking and wholly encouraging messages now adorning three of the walls.

The signs were rescued and relocated from Blaithwaite House. During the final camp week at Blaithwaite last year, it was noticed that the signs previously displayed in the barn were languishing in a corner gathering dust. One sign 'love' remained in use the remainder consigned to obscurity. Enquiries were made as to the fate of the signs; if they were no longer required could they be adopted by Bethany. Fortunately the people at Blaithwaite agreed they could be taken.

The signs were dusty and coated in a dull red matt paint. Over the period of a few months, the signs were sanded down and enjoyed the benefit of several coats of undercoat and several coats of 'choc chip' paint. Several of the smaller letters were damaged and new ones required to be cut. The freshly restored signs now look thoroughly at home in the church and their simple and forthright messages will hopefully provide inspiration and comfort to members and visitors to Bethany.

New signs in main church hall

G. Vassie

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