Report 2016

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

Proverbs 16 v 3

Secretary's Report

Once again it is time for a review of a year in the life of Bethany, for some of the occasions and events that have taken place in our witness and testimony in service of the Lord Jesus Christ. We once again give God thanks for help in all we have done in His service and seek His continued blessing on all that has been achieved.

We continue in the declaration of the Word of God in a constantly changing culture that is ever more challenging to communicate with. Once again we distributed calendars and invitations to local houses and business, receiving a good reaction. The web site has once again proved to be a blessing as people have responded to the invitation to come along to our services and also downloading sermons and PowerPoint presentations .The Emmaus work continues with some courses being given out in addition to the work at Growing Christians and the Bible Class.

In September after months of meticulous planning and preparation we had the wedding of Marc and Pamela Campbell. It proved to be a wonderful occasion for all concerned not the least the happy couple themselves. The day also was blessed with lovely weather.

In November we had a visit from Robert Revie to give a report of the work of many years' service in Ethiopia. This was a fascinating account of the blessing of God in a nation that officially turned its back on God and in response the Christians stood steadfast in their faith. The picture of the believers in prayer was a great challenge for all of us.

I would once again like to thank everyone who contributed in the Lord's work at Bethany, particularly those who take on the unseen tasks. There has been much accomplished in the upkeep of both inside and outside of the church and centre over the past year. The work of Bethany involves those who are committed and faithful to the Lord Jesus, whether in the regular services, activities or special events.

Not everyone connected with us at Bethany is able to attend the meetings as regularly as they would like and it is heartening that some are able to come along despite the difficulties of advancing years.

The speakers at our services often exhort us to be people who pray daily, read our Bible and study the Word diligently. In doing this we can look forward in faith to God's blessing and see the fruit of the seed that is sown.

Andy Wilson

Sunday School Report

The teaching of the Bible as we know is essential to the understanding of God's message to each person. To be able to instruct the children in the way of God is a great privilege as well as a big responsibility. The task should be carried out in a fit and proper manner therefore adherence to the current legislation and best practice is always followed.

There are many reasons why there are not so many children who attend church as they did in previous generations however we are grateful for those who do come along. There is always a welcome for all who attend and we try and give out an invitation for others to come and join us.

The Sunday school has to be adaptable to meet the needs of all those who attend, there is always a need to be flexible. At present there are groups for those in high school; primary school and preschool, those involved are Marc, Pamela, Mark, Rebecca, Ruth, Hannah, Naomi, Wilson, Laura and Andy. It is an opportunity to thank Lynn for her contribution in the children's work that is something that she has taken on at Bethany and elsewhere with enthusiasm and diligence to the task. Lynn will step in though to assist when needed.

We make use of various resources for Sunday school, BES (Bible Educational Services), The Life of Jesus, Parables and Miracles for the primary class. Scripture Union 'I AM' with Moses and the I AM's in John, the Kingdom of Heaven and the teachings in the Sermon on the Mount, for the High school class and Answers in Genesis, We can trust the Bible and Jesus Christ is Creator and Redeemer, for preschool. This involves preparation for those involved that although it is a commitment in time and effort, it is also very worthwhile. There is a resource that has been of great blessing over the years, the Children's Ministry Bible, produced by CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship). That gives useful instruction in teaching Bible truths and doctrines to children as well as helpful sections on teaching techniques.

We do appreciate the help from those who present the 'children's talk' at the Family Service each week particularly those speakers who contribute in this way.

The Christmas party for the children was held as usual on the first Saturday in December in the centre, this much anticipated event is appreciated by all that come along.

A. Wilson

Fusion Report 2015/2016

The year at Fusion was once again very enjoyable, and it has been a real joy to serve the Lord as we meet together on a Wednesday Night. Before starting each week the children enjoyed colouring in (You may see various designs on the doors in the Centre) and a chance to tell us their stories of the week.

We started back this year with a core group of children who attended virtually every week. In the New Year two children dropped off with the remainder continuing faithfully most weeks.

Leaders this year were Eunice, Lindsay, Hannah and Naomi Crockett, Mark Wilson, Linda Vassie, Marc and Pamela Campbell. Thank you to all involved for your commitment, hard work and preparation each week doing the various aspects; from the games to the quiz, the craft to telling the story each week. The memory verses were done through songs which were enjoyed - even though the singing was a bit wonky!

Once again it was good to see the children's attention during the stories. We covered the Bible stories of Elijah, Ruth, Paul, Christmas and Easter stories, King Saul, Jacob and Esau. This was done using a variety of methods - Acting, PowerPoint, Flannel graph or just telling the story. The Missionary we chose to tell this year was Mary Slessor.

We were so encouraged this year to again have parents come to the final night and it was great to be able to chat with them at the end. They all joined in throughout the night and even took part in the quiz at the end.

This year we have five children from Fusion are coming to our Summer Camp. Please pray for Mia and Rianna, Margaret, Abbie, Shannon and Leah as they join with us.

We have organised an event on the first of June to keep up contact with the children.

We value your prayers again for this outreach as the leaders meet to discuss what the next step for Fusion is. We need to keep things fresh and interesting. The stories have to be simple to understand as we are reaching a generation who know nothing of the truths found in the Bible. Also, with the continued uncertainty of Eunice's ward potentially moving to the Southern General, we do not know how the dynamics of Fusion may have to change. Please continue to pray for this situation.

On behalf of the Fusion leaders

Lindsay and Eunice Crockett

Bethany Buds

Bethany Buds logo

Once again, we have had a good year at Bethany Buds.

The numbers this year were 4 coming from Bethany and Renfrew. The girls, again, very much enjoyed the craft work. One of the other activities they all enjoy is when we have our baking nights. We are all going to meet up just prior to Camp so that we can make some goodies for taking away with us. Food is one thing that the girls really enjoy and there is never anything left at Supper Time!

This year our bible study centred on story of Jackie Pullinger, with a few spot nights of looking at a thought for the day and what it meant to us. Each week we asked for specific prayer points from them and we wrote them on white boards before praying at the end of the night. This then encouraged the girls to pray for each other as they walked to school.

Our final night was held in the Lounge. We opted again to have a "Sleep Over". The girls said that they wanted to go "Air-space" which is a trampoline centre in East Kilbride, so we did this first. Everyone brought their duvets and pillows and a great night of enjoyment was had by all. From the McDonalds, to the games, and talking into the wee hours, to the big fry up for breakfast the next morning.

Please pray for Bethany Buds as we again look to the Lord for guidance for next year.

The girls have now come of an age to move on to the next phase in their lives so we are asking for prayer for Esther, Beth, Kirsty and Ruth. Initially, we thought that this would be the end of Bethany Buds until two girls from Fusion showed an interest and would like to come along to something now that they are too old for Fusion. We have also asked Emma Talloch if she would be interested - she is still considering it. This would completely change the dynamic of the group with none of the girls being Christian so please pray that we would be able to lead and direct a younger group and that these girls would form a friendship that the previous group have.

Thank you for your support once again.

Eunice Crockett and Linda Vassie

Bible Class

The Bible Class continued this year as a bible study for the older teenagers in the church, who are too old for Sunday school. Last year had involved prayer and deliberation around how the bible class would proceed in the following year. Previously the bible class met during Sunday school time with Marc Campbell and Mark Wilson leading the group, however it was felt that the young people would benefit from listening to the speaker in the family service or helping with Sunday school with a change in format needed.

From October 2015, the Bible Class commenced for the year with Hannah Crockett, Robert Moss, Naomi Crockett and Andrew Ogwu attending. The group meet bi-weekly after the family service at Marc and Pamela's house or at the church in which we have lunch and a time of fellowship, as well as the bible study. This year we have continued using courses from the Emmaus Bible School and have been working through The Coming King book (which focuses on the Gospel of Matthew); in which Marc and Mark alternate leadership.

Being able to meet after the family service with the young people has been rewarding and allowed for a time of socialisation, as well as group discussion around the bible readings and lessons each time we meet. We normally have lunch for 30 minutes, and have the bible study for 30 minutes thereafter which allows for a good balance and for the young people to catch up with one another.

Moving the Bible Class to after the family service has allowed for Hannah and Naomi to be more involved with the preschool Sunday school class and for Robert and Andrew to listen to the speaker and help as part of the church's technical team. We have felt this been of a great benefit for the teenagers.

Mark, Pamela and Marc

Growing Christians

There have been some changes to the format of the group since the autumn to accommodate those who are involved. The group has always met on a Thursday evening since its inception in 2002. With the Bible Class meeting on Sunday afternoon on a fortnightly basis and using the Emmaus courses it was decided to meet ever alternate Thursday. This means that there is one of the groups meeting each week thus spreading the work load for those who are involved in both.

Those meeting on a Thursday evening are, Rebecca, Mark, Richard, Pamela, Marc, Laura, Wilson, Ruth, Andy and William when work commitments allow. There is always room available for those who would like to study God's Word. We have taken our group out on the road in recent months and if you would feel able host a study group on a one off basis we would be delighted to come and study the chapter for that week.

Over the past year we have benefited from several courses that have enlightened, instructed and challenged each of us. We have been studying the life John the Baptist, the man who appeared suddenly on the stage after 400 years of no direct word from God. We covered the impact of his birth on his parents Zechariah and Elizabeth, the baptism of the Lord Jesus, life in the wilderness and the doubts when persecuted. Currently we are studying the life of Christ. Perfect Person, Perfect Work, Jesus Christ is the central Person of the Bible. This looks at the prophecy in the Old Testament, the deity of Christ and an in depth view of the Saviour.

We still have our annual social events with our Christmas meal in December and in June we have a barbeque thus far with appropriate summer weather.

Please continue to pray for those who study the scriptures that God will lead, guide and equip for service. Also pray for the opportunity to introduce the Emmaus courses to people in our community to enable them to study the Bible and come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

Andy and Ruth

Incy Wincy Parent and Toddler Group

We started back in September with 10 children and 12 adults mostly returning from our previous session.

We now have 13 children and 13 adults and there have been many changes during our time together, with 3 year olds going on to nursery and new starts coming.

Our team, as before, are Eunice, Hannah and Lynn with our non-church helpers Mari and Jennifer assisting in the kitchen.

Mari has decided to 'retire' in June. After 12 years of faithful service, we are so grateful for all her hard work! Jennifer intends to continue to help but she struggles with health issues and is not always able to come. Please pray for them both and their spiritual needs.

Yet again, it has been a great opportunity to share our faith through our Children's Bible story time and choruses that we sing each week.

We have had special events throughout the year and each week Eunice prepares a simple craft for the children to complete and take home based on that days Bible story.

We are very thankful for all of those who support us financially, prayerfully and with delicious home baking that is so much appreciated.

Please continue to pray for the remainder of this session, for our prize giving and closing event in June and for decisions that have to be made regarding restarting in September.

Eunice & Hannah Crockett & Lynn Moss

Paisley & District Christian Youth Camp

John 10:9 -
"zI am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved"

Camp was held at Bassenfell Manor Christian Centre in the Lake District for the first time in 2015. It is always a challenge to prayer heading to a new venue, however God was able to answer these prayers as we adapted to the new surroundings as well as receiving good weather that didn't limit our activities!

The mornings and afternoons consisted of activities such as Crafts, Outdoor Games, Abseiling, Gorge Walking and many more. We also had our day trip to Keswick, which allowed the campers to go shopping, swimming, visiting the local indoor attractions and some even braved the elements by going on the rowing boats! There were also special themed evenings each night back at Bassenfell for the campers to enjoy, including a Carnival themed party on the last night.

However the services are always the main focus of camp, with the format of the services including; singing, memory verse, story and the quiz, lain Cunningham was the speaker for Camp, lain was enjoyed by both campers and leaders and was able to give a clear gospel message as he told stories from the gospel of John. Devotions also played a big part at camp, as it allows discussions with campers in a smaller environment with their leaders, lain was able to lead the older campers in their devotions.

However the work for Camp 2016 has already started, with leaders meetings being held throughout the year to prepare for camp and to also organise events such as the Camp New Year party, an evening trip to Lapwing Lodge in May and the Camp Coffee Night in June. For Bethany, there a number of kids coming from the Sunday School, Fusion and Bethany Buds. We pray that these children can be challenged and also enjoy the experience of camp.

For this year's camp we will be returning to Bassenfell Manor Christian Centre in the Lake District. It will be good to head to a venue that we have been before and where we have a better understanding of the surroundings, lain Cunningham, will be coming as the camp speaker. The leaders would ask you to pray for lain as he gives God's message to the campers, whether it is to the Christian campers or campers who have never made a profession of faith and also that God would bless the week at camp and that his presence would be felt throughout the week.

On behalf of Camp leaders,

Mark Wilson

Bethany On-line

Bethany’s website has been on-line for nine years. It continues to be updated on a regular basis, from the weekly sermons, made available on the popular mp3 format, to the monthly update, as well as any ad-hoc or special events, such as the recent Easter Service.

web info #1

A new drop-down menu style was added last year to the front – index - page of the site in order to make it more modern and appealing in nature.

web info #2

The average monthly ‘web hits’ from March 2015 to March 2016 was 2403, this being consistence with the previous report’s figures.

The sermons and their supporting files, e.g., PowerPoint presentations, continue to be downloaded on a regular and consistent basis. The top ten files downloaded last year are shown on the following table.

web info #3

The web site continues to be a 24/7, 365 days a year venue for people searching for a church or looking for more information on the Christian message.

G Vassie


Aqua is a Sunday night Christian youth group organised by Christians from Dimity Street and Bethany. Leaders for Aqua include; Joanne and Rachel Sneddon, Marc and Pamela Campbell and Mark Wilson.

Aqua runs on a Sunday night between 8pm-9.30pm. Each night there is usually a variation of different themes for different weeks. This session we have had special themed weeks including learning about past missionaries, looking at the life of Joseph from the Old Testament and also those who attend have either shared a favourite Christian song or a Psalm from the bible. As well as these thoughts there are different games/challenges for those who attend and a time for fellowship and food.

Attendance averages around 12 each Sunday, with teenagers aged S3+ from Dimity, Bethany and Renfrew meeting together. It is important for young Christians to meet together and to be able encourage each other in their Christian faith. Special nights out in the last year have included attending 'Jesus Viral' youth event organised by GLO and Interlink YF in March at Greenock.

Please pray for all who attend Aqua that they can continue to come and grow as Christians.

On behalf of the Aqua leaders,

Mark Wilson

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