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Once in royal Davids city,
Stood a lowly cattle shed,
Where a mother laid her Baby,
In a manger for His bed:
Mary was that mother mild,
Jesus Christ, her little Child.

He came down to earth from heaven,
Who is God and Lord of all,
And His shelter was a stable,
And His cradle was a stall:
With the poor, and mean, and lowly,
Lived on earth our Saviour holy.

And our eyes at last shall see Him,
Through His own redeeming love;
For that Child so dear and gentle,
Is our Lord in heaven above:
And He leads His children on,
To the place where He is gone.

C.F. Alexander

You shall call His Name Jesus

Matthew 1:18

They bowed down and worshiped Him

Matthew 2:11

Unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given.

Hopefully we can enjoy this Christmas season even although it places great demands on our time. Surely one of the great aspects is the singing of the Christmas carols, many written years ago, but containing such wonderful truths from the Scriptures, such as Isaiah chapter 9 verse 6. This promise is referring to the promised virgin-born Immanuel (Isaiah 7:14), the child is Jesus. The Son given is the eternally begotten Second Person of the Godhead. That Dr Henry Morris refers to as the glorious hypostatic union-God with us! What a wonderful truth that we can appreciate once again this year as we rejoice in remembering the birth of the Saviour of the world.

Andy Wilson


The topic for the Bible Teaching Service on Sunday 5th December, when Danion Neilson - Bell will be speaking is "Galatians 4 - “Not outward religion - but inward transformation”. We have been greatly blessed this year with good Bible Teaching that has encouraged and challenged us. If you have missed some of it or need to listen again please make use of the recordings that are available.

If you like to order a CD of Praise Gathering 2010 then please ask Jim McGillivray who will be happy to get a copy for you.

Christmas Family Service Sunday 19th December


This month there will once again be many events going on at Bethany, with all the Church activities arranging some special Christmas events. There will also be the Christmas Family Service this year on Sunday 19th December with Tommy Watson bringing the message. Please pray for those who have invited friends to some of these events, some of whom don't go to a church service at any other time in the year. There will be parties for the children at Incy Wincy's, 630 Club, Sunday school as well as the young people of the Buds, Growing Christians and Camp club.

Mission Focus

Last month we had a visit from Ian Campbell home from Zambia with Marilyn for a short visit. It was good to fit in a report of the work despite the extremely cold weather that we have had recently, something Ian and Marilyn have not experienced for many years.

Ian used a PowerPoint presentation to give a report of the Lords work in Zambia that enabled to see some photos of the some of people and places that Ian and Marilyn minister.

Please continue to pray for them especially the Emmaus courses that they teach distribute that God will bless all who use them.

For unto us a child is born unto us a Son is given

Isaiah 9:6

Breaking of Bread
Every Sunday
Family Service at 12 noon
Bible Teaching at 6.30 pm
Ray Keilty
Danion Neilson - Bell
Andy Wilson
David Galloway
Tommy Watson
Carol Service @ Kilnside
No Service
No Service
Bethany Buds at Bethany
7.15 pm
Every Monday
Tuesdays at 7.30 pm
Prayer Meeting
Bible Study - Revelation 2
6:30 Club in Brediland School
6:30 pm
Every Wednesday
Incy Wincy Parent and Toddler Group
9.45 am
Every Thursday
Growing Christians
7.30 pm
Every Thursday

You can purchase a CD or tape of any of the Bible Teaching Services. Just send us an e-mail from the “Contact” section on the main page, and we will get in touch.