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From the squalor of a borrowed stable,
By the Spirit and a virgin's faith;
To the anguish and the shame of scandal
Came the Saviour of the human race!
But the skies were filled with the praise of heaven,
Shepherds listen as the angels tell
Of the Gift of God come down to man
At the dawning of Immanuel.

Now He's standing in the place of honour,
Crowned with glory on the highest throne,
Interceding for His own beloved
Till His Father calls to bring them home!
Then the skies will part as the trumpet sounds
Hope of heaven or the fear of hell;
But the Bride will run to her Lover's arms,
Giving glory to Immanuel!

Stuart Townend

they will call him “Immanuel,” which means, “God with us.”

Matthew 1:23

For His compassions never fail. They are new every morning

Lamentations 3:22

Happy New Year

Once again I would like to wish all at Bethany a happy new year and once again I trust you will know God's presence and blessing in 2010. I am reminded of the verses in Lamentations chapter three, that teach us that the compassions of the Lord that never fail and are new every morning. Great indeed is the faithfulness of God and may we seek that promise at the start of this year, that we will experience the joy of the Lord in all that we do in Bethany and in our daily walk for Him
Andy Wilson

Pray for God's blessing in 2010 at Bethany

Allan and Anne Kitt News

The church has grown this year, with some Christian families joining us. They have brought with them a good deal of experience and an obvious desire to serve the Lord with us. They have certainly changed the dynamics of our fellowship in a positive way. Among other things, they have been a great help in the renovation and redecoration project that has kept us busy for several months!

On 6th December we held a special Christmas outreach service. It was great to see a good number of non-Christians present. Please pray for two families in particular. The first is that of a young lady whose husband strongly opposed her Christian faith, so that for years she felt unable to attend services. Recently she has been free to come, and was at the Christmas service – without her husband, but with two of her sons and her parents, who had also been against her faith. Praise the Lord! The second couple used to come to the assembly, but left about 15 years ago. Their teenage daughter started coming to church after Allan took her grandmother's funeral in October 2008. (Her grandmother was a Christian). Her parents came to the Christmas service too. Again, praise the Lord! (And keep on praying.) The daughter has become a Christian, and is now preparing for baptism along with another teenage girl whose parents are in fellowship.

Because of our close conections with La Clairiere retirement home, Allan is fairly often called upon to take funerals. We've already mentioned the unexpected results of one funeral. We're also in touch with another family who were connected with the assembly a long time ago.

They asked Allan to take a funeral in 2001, and he's visited them regularly ever since. Apparently without any positive result, until a young lady in the family moved to Grenoble 18 months ago and asked for the address of an evangelical church there. Allan was pleased to give her the address of the church our daughter and her husband had attended when living in Grenoble, and she's been attending services regularly.

The new La Clairière retirement home is now finished, after the miracle of a large and unexpected subsidy granted just at the right time. The local authority safety commission has inspected the new building and given the go-ahead to move in after some small alterations. The remaining hurdle is inspection by the local health authorities, and the “big move” is scheduled for January 18th . Please pray for the residents to get used to their new environment quickly, and for the home's ministry: its clear Christian ethos and high standards of care are known and respected throughout the area.

Many of you pray for our daughter and her husband in Lille. They're encouraged with their new premises in Lille city centre: a meeting room on the ground floor, Eddy and Rachel's flat on the first floor and a flat for four students on the second. Work is still being done to make the place comfortable, but it's already being well used, with 45 students attending a Thanksgiving meal last month. Eddy and Rachel are expecting their second child in February.

Stephen, Helena and their two children are well. They continue to be involved in their evangelical church in Lyon. Stephen was appointed church treasurer earlier this year, and Helena regularly plays the piano.

Jonathan is living with us at the moment. He was disappointed to fail one module of his dentistry course, and is taking a year out of his studies. He's got temporary work in Villefranche, and continues to write and translate material in Apologetics for a web site he helps to run. He was able to help Allan and his colleagues on a stand presenting the French assemblies' calendars at a large Christian gathering near Paris last month, and is also proving a good help in the assembly here.

Continue to pray for our regular work: Bible teaching for adults and children, pastoral visiting, outreach through the weekly market stall, distribution of cards offering a free Bible, the 2011 devotional calendar Allan's now working on. And thank you, once again, for your faithful support.

My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus

Philippians 4:19

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