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You're the Word of God the Father
From before the world began.
Ev'ry star and ev'ry planet
Has been fashioned by Your hand.
All creation holds together
By the power of Your voice.
Let the skies declare Your glory;
Let the land and seas rejoice!!

With a shout You rose victorious,
Wresting vict'ry from the grave,
And ascended into heaven,
Leading captives in Your way.
Now You stand before the Father,
Interceding for Your own;
From each tribe and tongue and nation,
You are leading sinners home!

You're the Author of creation;
You're the Lord of ev'ry man;
And Your cry of love rings out across the lands.

by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend

Blessed are the peacemakers

Matthew 5:9


The books of Psalms has been appreciated by many believers down through the ages, providing insight and understanding of the scriptures that is different to other books of Bible.

There are 150 Psalms, a good number of them written by David, although there are many other authors with some anonymous.

For some Christians there is no particular favourite but some Psalms are greatly appreciated by many, such as 23, 51 or 139. The Messianic Psalms give a unique insight to the suffering of the Lord Jesus that can help us in our worship of the one who brought salvation.

We can sing Psalms in church or we can listen to recordings that encourage and inspire but most important of all we can spend time in the quite place reading and mediating on them.

Andy Wilson


Fraser Crawford has recently moved house with his parents to more suitable accommodation for his dad. Pray for them during the settling in period.

It was good to have Hugh and Margaret Goudie out again, but continue to pray for them particularly at this time after their long time friend Cathy Leitch passed away.

Praise Gathering 12th-14th June 2009

Bible Teaching

The subjects on a Sunday Evening are proving to be beneficial. The excellent teaching on topics in the Bible covered in recent months, such as “The Great Tribulation”. A topic in scripture that is often overlooked, that is important in our understanding of the doctrine of the “end times”, as it inspires us as we look forward to the return of the Lord Jesus. This month there is once again some interesting passages under consideration.

  • 10th    Andy Adams (Sewing & Reaping)
  • 17th    Dan Carnan (Approved by God)
  • 24th    Brian Lowrie (The Prayer Life of Christ)


The Praise Gathering 2009 takes place from the 12th to 14th June at the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow. This annual event has proved to be a blessing to all who are involved and to those who come along. Jim and Morag McGillivray are once again participating and attending all the rehearsals that ensure everyone is fine tuned for the performances. It is well worth going along to the Royal Concert Hall to enjoy the occasion. Tickets are available from the concert hall.

Be still and know that I am God

Psalm 46:10

Family Service at 12 noon
Bible Teaching at 6.30 pm
Jack Budge
Growning Christians
Derek Watt
Andy Adams
Robert McNair
Dan Carnan
Steve Moss
Brian Lowrie
Walter Hannay
Ian Preston
Tuesdays at 7.30 pm
Prayer Meeting
Bible Study - Acts 10
Business Meeting
Prayer Meeting
Incy Wincy Parent and Toddler Group
9.45 am
Every Thursday
Growing Christians
7.30 pm
Every Thursday - Daniel / Christian Life

You can purchase a CD or tape of any of the Bible Teaching Services. Just send us an e-mail from the “Contact” section on the main page, and we will get in touch.