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The greatest day in history, Death is beaten
You have rescued me
Sing it out Jesus is alive
The empty cross, The empty grave
Life eternal You have won the day
Shout it out Jesus is alive
He's alive

Oh happy day, happy day
You washed my sin away
Oh happy day, happy day
I'll never be the same
Forever I am changed

Oh what a glorious day
What a glorious way
That You have saved me
Oh what a glorious day
What a glorious name

Tim Hughes

Whoever trusts in the Lord, happy is he

Proverbs 16:20

Set your mind on things above

Colossians 3:2

Begin again

September is here, summer is over, not difficult to detect with the rain of August that now means many church activities will resume. Hopefully for all concerned there will be great anticipation being involved once again in the work of the Lord. Whatever we do, we prepare efficiently, pray fervently for the opportunity to proclaim and teach the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. So whatever the commission we have been given may the God who bestows the gift, help each one to bring glory to his wonderful name.

Andy Wilson

Camp Correspondent

Camp 2009 got underway in July with Douglas Young as the speaker. Douglas told many stories including Creation and Noah, while some leaders gave their testimonies, which was well received by the campers.

Campers enjoyed many morning activities including swimming, dancing, football and crafts. Whittaugh Park offered mountain biking, archery, kayaking and many more activities for the afternoon. While the evening activities included team games and a circus party on the last night. Prayers were answered with many campers responding and being challenged by the word of God. We thank you for your prayers and support for this years camp including the home baking that was enjoyed by all campers and leaders.

Missionary Weekend 11th and 12th September 2009

Bible Teaching

After the summer break the Bible teaching programme recommenced with a look at the Tabernacle and in particular the veil by Walter Hannay. This month there is once again some interesting passages under consideration.

  • 6th    Ian Wallace James - chapter 1 vv17 and 18 “The Secret of the Heavenly Life”
  • 20th    Richard Smith - “The Lord's Supper”
  • 27th    Danion Neilston-Bell - “God's Will - The ‘Perfect’ Job”


The Interlink Missionary weekend will take place on the 11th and 12th September. The Friday evening meeting will take place at Anniesland Hal, Glasgow at 7.30pm. There will also be various sessions on Saturday at Hamilton College at 3.30pm and 6.30pm, with the Watershed at 8.45pm. The speakers include Peter Andrews, Rwanda, David Wilson, Ireland, Paul Smith, France and Niklas Kreander, Norway.

Growing Christians

The group will recommence the session with a visit from Derek Malcolm who has served the Lord in the middle- east for many years. Derek, who has written commentaries for believers, will be teaching about the connection between the gospel of Luke and the book of Acts. This will be followed by a study on the book of Ruth, with the younger group continuing the Saviour of the World course.

Walk, after the Lord your God

Deuteronomy 13:4

Family Service at 12 noon
Bible Teaching at 6.30 pm
Marc Campbell
Ian Wallace
Willie Glen
Jeff Hewitson
Steve Moss
Richard Smith
Dan Carnan
Danion Neilston-Bell
Bethany Buds at Bethany
7.15 pm
Every Monday
Tuesdays at 7.30 pm
Prayer Meeting
Bible Study: Acts
Prayer Meeting
Mission Focus - Camp Report
Bible Study - Acts
6:30 Club in Brediland School
6:30 pm
Every Wednesday
Incy Wincy Parent and Toddler Group
9.45 am
Every Thursday
Growing Christians
7.30 pm
Every Thursday

You can purchase a CD or tape of any of the Bible Teaching Services. Just send us an e-mail from the “Contact” section on the main page, and we will get in touch.